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Squirrel Pooh and Pecan Trees,

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You gotta love the south in the fall,
Ga football, college students, cool weather and yes the squirrels in pecan trees>

You see we live in a tin roof house next to pecan trees infested with flying squirrels.
All day and night they are gathering pecans for winter and eating the ripe ones, They jump from the roof to the trees and weigh an estimated 100 lbs.

They bomb you with pecans and shells it is a war zone.

To seal the deal, we park in the driveway because our out blding, are art studios.

I am now the proud owner of a Pale green squirrel Pooh cover Prius, and nocompound known to this world removes squirrel pooh.

Ok now that i have your attention, tell me if i am crazy, i need to know.

I have decided to go against the grain and choose Radiofrequency Ablation to treat my liver tumor (2.4 cm ) instead of surgery. RA is burning the tumor with a radiofrequency proob
it is not cureative officially due to lack of stats>

It is one day proceedure with almost no down time.

Surgery, my Sur. Doc say is very invasive, and a really big cut and they have to take out a big chuck of my lower lobe because it's kind of in the middle. and hospital stay atleast a week and recover tome atleast a month. And you could die, get infection, need blood transfusion, and be in a lot of pain.

I am perplexed, Noone can tell me even with all the chemo and radiation and surgery that this cancer won't come back and that i will live any longer if i have this surgery.

So you all tell me why I would choose it over the simpler almost as good proceedure for people with small tumors.

Please respond

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First of all, hi Winnie

All surgeons and surgery oncologists will tell you that surgery is the Gold Standard for removing Cancer from the body.

I mentioned my experience on the other post you had on RFA, so I won't belabor you again with it.

Liver resection is tough - I was going to go through with it and as far as I knew I would have, but I was unconcious in the OR and the surgeon had to get the OK from my wife to switch over to RFA - I'm glad they did, because I've been so far on the successful side of the statistics - I'm going to be living proof that RFA is a viable alternative to surgery. For people who can't have a resection, it becomes the primary course of treatment.

Your tumor is 2.4 cm and of course the smaller the better. Keep in mind that mine was 4x time that at 9.0 cm...so they had to burn alot - my liver always gets comments when I do scans - the technicians always notice it.

For me though, they had to do an open procedure, which means they gave me the big cut associated with liver resection - tumor was so big they would have had to anyway, but the big incision and all of that was still difficult to recover from.

When you talk to the surgeon, ask him if you will need the "markers" placed in your liver used by CyberKnife...they will have you open anyway, so that's a good time to place them in there...no need to open you up a 2nd time...if you don't need them, no harm no foul.

Mine are still in and causing no issues - we CyberKnife'd and the markers are still there if we need them again.

It's a close call - here's the important thing to remember too, Winney - there is never any way to know whether the cancer will or has spread using either procedure.

RFA is still a fairly new procedure so the stats are still out - but RFA and CyberKnife so far has worked for me - no cancer in the liver - but it looks like it spread to my lung, but may have done that at some other time and just now growing to where it can be seen by scans.

Go with your gut instinct - it's a tough call and there is ONE ANSWER for Cancer as we all know.

God Bless you and give you the wisdom to make the decision that is best for you :)

I'm thinking about you plenty as I stare down another surgery myself.


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Thanks for your Advice, I wish you well in your fight, Is your photo recent cause you look very well,. Thats what people tell me. I think for a bear i am wearing cancer well.

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It's an old one from 2006 - the rectum resection had really limited me for 2 years from 2004 and I could not go many places.

In 2006 we decided to take a trip and celebrate - I was really worried about getting on a plane and flying with all of the issues that come with colorectal things, but I made it. Thanks goodness I did not get sick on the plane, would have been a disaster.

Anyway, I looked Ok, thank you for saying so...alot skinnier then too :)

I still look good, only fatter...I don't look like the poster child for cancer, but we know looks can be misleading. Sometimes people don't think you are sick, but they just don't get it, do they?

I'm supporting you whichever way that you decide. I think RFA is a good thing and it has certainly helped me stay among the living :)

Keep me in the loop...Craig

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