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6 Month Scan

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Joined: Nov 2008

Last week I had my 6 month scan since my surgery and yesterday saw my oncologist to get the results. Good news -- still NED. So I have made the 6 month mark. I look at each scan as a small goal so now I work towards the 8/9 month scan. After that the year scan and so forth. My oncologist has told me that median time to recurrence for my stage is 14 months and most recurrences will occur during the first 2 years. So I am 42% of the way to the 14-month marker and 25% of the way to the 2 year marker.

Additionally, I asked my oncologist about 2 things specifically...aspirin and vaccine trials (to prevent recurrence). Her response to those two questions was wait until after chemo ends for aspirin and "are you crazy?" to wanting to participate in a vaccine trial. So there you go.

Finally, I met a woman at clinic yesterday who told me that a friend of hers was diagnosed 9 years ago with liver mets and has spent the last 8 years NED. She was also treated at MSK. I added her to my ever-growing list. Also, I saw a friend of mine at clinic yesterday. He is from another state and was told he would never be operable. He made the trip to NYC and had an HAI pump implanted the same week I had my resection. When I saw him yesterday he looked a bit tired and sore...but good news. He got his resection 2 weeks ago and was in yesterday to get his staples removed. So he went from "inoperable" to operable in 5 months. I was so happy to see him and see his progress. He said he had rubbed the head of our daughter Katherine (who we took with us to clinic yesterday) and that not only was she my good-luck charm she is his as well. :)

Prayers and good thoughts for and to all those on the board.

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Thank you so much for sharing that! My husband just began chemo for stage iv with liver mets and we are waiting to hear if he will become a candidate for surgery. Posts like yours help so much in staying positive and hopeful. Congratulations on continued NED!

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on continuing your dance with NED :) Keep-a-moving and never stop :)

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Thank you so much for the description of how you face your scans. I've just been through some scanxiety, and I'm NED after my first 3 month one. It sounds like we have a similar scan schedule.

all the best, Leslie

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I am a little behind you, my onc had me do a follow up at 6 weeks, evertyhing was fine, now just waiting for the 3 months clearance. Last year the cancer came back at the 3 month mark, so its a bit scarey for me to get past the 3 month mark. So please keep me in your prayers as I will you.

God Bless

Fight for my love
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It's great to hear the NED news!Congratulations!Best wishes and best luck to you and your family with everything.

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YAY Amy!! I'm so happy for you! Has it been six months already? Keep up the good work! Be blessed!


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Amy I was reading your page, about the healing session that you attended and I definitely believe that God can heal you, I have gone to several healing masses too,and have experienced wonderful feelings,I have been NED now for 3 years.

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Paula G.
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So happy for you Amy....Love good news. Keep it coming. Paula G.

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Congrats Amy..Keep up the good work........

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Congratulations! That is wonderful news!

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Thanks for bringing so much upbeat news to the board today. Glad you're still dancing with NED. He's a great partner, isn't he?


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Good news is always worth sharing. Keep it going and the best to you in coming months/years....
The Wiz

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...makes me want to go to MSK. I should ask my onc about the HAI pump, she's never even mentioned using that to me.


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We're going to need traffic control for all the good news that is landing on our runways this week :)

So great to hear another success story - so very happy for you!

Now you can relax and enjoy your success.


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