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survivng EC newly dx with squamous cell lung cancer

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I feel like i know everyone on this board, we have been reading along since my husbands dx of distal adenocarcinoma in Nov. 2007. He is fighting and is a survior. We have had so many complications that just when you think you are getting to a high, you get more bad news. My husband had resection surgery were they removed 5 inches of his lower esphog. and replaced with 5 inches of his colon. he went from 220 lbs down to 170 lbs. He goes Wed. the 26th for the PET scan to stage his newly dx. squamous cell lung cancer. Has any one survived EC and then had a different type lung cancer NSCLC? Right now the lung specialist is saying due to the types that it probably is two different primary cancers, not the normal metastis. I would really like to talk to someone who has had a simular experience. BTW hubby is 62.

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...I had surgery in Oct of 05 to replace half of tongue, along with a radical neck dissection (stage III squamous cell) and then in mid-07 cancer was detected in lung. A biopsy and subsequent lobectomy done in Jan of 08 proved this to be squamous as well, but it was too small to determine whether it was metastasis or new cancer.

To be honest, I was HOPING it was new cancer, as this was, in my case, vastly preferred to movement of the original. Following that second surgery, I did precautionary chemotherapy (carboplatin and taxol), and since August of '08 I have been NED (No Evidence of Disease).

Let us hope (and pray, if we are of that sort of folks) that your husband's story has an equally happy ending.

Best wishes to him and his family.

Take care,


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Thank you Joe,
We are anxious to get the PET scan tomorrow and then the long wait to hear what is found. We met with the Lung specialist and his dx was if just the one spot it will be operable and survival looks good. But on the other hand depending on the findings if he needs one whole lung removed, because of COPD and severe emphysema he will be unoperable. Since Nov. 07 our lives have changed so dramadically, i never understood the old saying that when a loved one gets cancer the whole family gets cancer. But now after living it, i totally agree. Even our small children know daddy is sick for a 2 year old and a 5 year old thats amazing. Getting those special little smiles and hugs and kisses can make all the pain and stress disappear for the moment. BTW i am 39. We met late in life and have been together for 7 years, but are willing to fight to have the best years together we can.
One year of NED is great, congradulations!

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