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promising new drug in the news being tested..some of you stage IV may qualify for this trial...

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hi i always think that everyone who si stage IV would know about every trial out there but working in healthcare i have found many that do not.. a new promising drug has been making the news for the treatment of advanced genetic cancers such as breast, ovarian, and prostate and the results have been very promising with success in up to 40%..and they are now testing it for colon cancer and are accepting patients into the trial-- here is the info if any are interested;http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00912743

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They had a thing on NBC news the other night. I made a post but did not have clinical info on it, thanks.

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These have been around awhile now. I had a good friend with breast cancer in 05 and she was considering a clinical trial for a PARP inhibitor. I don't think it was the same one. Her disease was diagnosed very late and didn't make it very long. These PARP inhibitors do work. They've been using 5fu for 40 years and just figured out how it works. Turns out that it works in a similar fashion. Turns out 5fu actually replaces one type of our base pairs during DNA replication. As the polymerases go about fixing the DNA jumble created by the 5fu they eventually run out. When they run out they tell the cell to kill itself because they weren't able to fully replicate the DNA. Eventually the cells get wise to it and begin producing more polymerases to repair the cell. There is a drug in the pipeline that is supposed to bind to the specific polymerase that repairs the damage to the DNA by 5fu. There are two companies working on this and I would expect to see something out by 2010. It should make 5fu more effective and prevent your cell from becoming immune to its effects. So we could take chemo forever, yay!

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that is very interesting and exciting!!

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