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Great news!

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Aloha All...knew I could count on you to send good wishes and support; the news was "GOOD" but not before I had a most horrible scare; it seems the resident who speaks with me before I see the dr misunderstood when I asked her what my CA 125 was; she replied 25 which flipped me out; 25 was up from 11 three months ago; of course she left the room to get the dr so I had 5 terrible minutes looking into the HELL OF RECURRENCE; it's our worst nightmare realized; I felt paralyzed; the dr breezed in waving the lab results asking "where did you get 25 from, it's 10; down again" needless to say I "beat" the resident with the lab results paper; poor woman she just kept apologizing; it's interesting that I had previously told the dr and this resident I no longer want to speak with the resident before hand because it was too much like "telephone"...I tell the resident..the resident tells the dr and then I have to repeat myself...soooooo, looks like I'll live for another three month; dr has reassured me several times now that he does not expect the cancer to return..he's so confident he said he'd "bet the whole wad on it if this was Las Vegas"; I just think this is so unusual for a dr to say something like that out loud;
Aloha, Mahalo (thanks) for your support

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So happy for you that everything is good! I bet you're doing the hula dance now!!!



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What a horrible scare! But 'all's well that ends well' and the news is just wonderful! Congratulations! Now get on with the next 3 months of your life! (Will life always be doled out in 3 month segments now??)

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Fantastic news... 3 more months in the clear!

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We all rejoice with you and hope you enjoy these next three months "Cancer Free" I am so happy for you.

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Fantastic! Have a terrific stress free day.

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GREAT. I am happy to hear a doctor who would bet a whole wad if in Las Vegas--you do not have to see a resident if you don't want to. Congrats and ALOHA(love Hawaii)

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I love the hair!

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Awesome, Marie!!

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