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Suggestion when you 'need' something

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On another post, Barbara mentioned not having a juicer.

Does everyone know about www.freecycle.org ? You join the group in your county or the counties you'd travel to. You offer or request items that others might not be using. This past week, a lady needed a slow cooker and I'd just gotten a new one for free doing surveys so I gave her my old but perfectly good one. A few months ago, I got a flat screen monitor for FREE.

I've seen loads of dehydrator's and even got pick your own squash, green beans and other veggies two summers ago. The lady had just had surgery and what ever I picked, she got half and I got half!

Just a suggestion!

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Great idea, Diane.....beats paying $300 for a juicer
when I have other bills to pay.....


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an excellent post. I've always tried to find ways to recycle or save on everything. I've always traded out with people and helped with a friends garden for free vegtables. It's a great way to learn to live on less money and save, even if you've got a lot of money. I'm not working since the cancer was diagnosed and I do just fine. I owe no money to anyone and it truly gives you peace of mind and you have far more freedom.

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I will for sure check out this site. Great post and thank you.


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