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low grade Oligodendriglioma with Astrocytomas

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My Husband is 35 yrs. old and had surgery on 12/10/07, were able to remove 70% resection with majority of the residual in the poseriour superiou region. Can anyone help me please with similiar symptoms and theri survival ratio.

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First may I say I'm sorry your family is having to fight this beast...
I dont know alot about low grade but I think its slow growing..so as far as time goes..better chance then if itsa fast growier....Pease dont get caught up in the worry about how much time..just try to focus on one day at a time and enjoy what you have. No one knows how long they have...

you may want to research by typing in the cancer he has in the search box at the top of the page and it will bring up everything on here about it and the people who have it.
Take Care

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I'm not sure that there is a survival rate per se and it may depend on the type of brain tumour. Some are more aggressive than others. I don't know what the doctor's will prescribe for your husband to keep the Oligodendriglioma away and can't find anything specific to that form of brain tumour (must not be as common as some others). If the tumour growth can't be stopped with prescribed medication, he could talk to his oncologist or neurologist about a hormone antagonist but this particular one is difficult to get and is only available via the drug regulators compassionate or special uses programs as the drug is unapproved. These findings may be of interest.

1993: Inhibition of growth of the human malignant glioma cell line (U87MG) by the steroid hormone antagonist RU486

• “These results indicate that the growth of U87MG human malignant glioma is dependent on corticoids. The antiproliferative effect of RU486 appears to be due to the inhibition of binding of glucocorticoid hormones to their receptor proteins. Our results suggest a new therapy for some brain tumors, such as malignant gliomas based on the steroid hormone antagonist RU486.”

1997: Dexamethasone inhibits apoptosis in C6 glioma cells through increased expression of Bcl-XL
Tríona Ní Chonghaile1, Caoimhín G. Concannon1, Eva Szegezdi1, Adrienne M. Gorman1 and Afshin Samali2
• “.... The glucocorticoid dexamethasone (Dex) has been reported to modulate a number of signaling pathways and physiological processes, including apoptosis. This study was carried out to investigate the cytoprotective mechanism of Dex in C6 glioma cells. Pre-treatment of cells with Dex inhibited apoptosis induced by staurosporine, etoposide and thapsigargin. Apoptosis inhibition correlated with blockade of mitochondrial cytochrome c release, abolition of caspase-3 activity along with inhibition of caspase-9 and PARP cleavage. Dex-mediated cytoprotection coincided with the induction of the anti-apoptotic protein, Bcl-XL. The specific glucocorticoid receptor antagonist, RU486, reversed the anti-apoptotic effect of Dex and prevented Bcl-XL induction. Here, we show for the first time that knockdown of Bcl-XL expression with siRNA reversed the protective effects of the glucocorticoid in glioma cells. We conclude that Dex-mediated inhibition of apoptosis in C6 glioma cells is through induction of Bcl-XL. “

2001: Progesterone receptor isoforms expression pattern in human astrocytomas
• Progesterone receptors (PR) have been detected in human astrocytomas; however, the expression pattern of PR isoforms in these brain tumors is unknown. Progesterone receptor isoforms expression was studied in 13 biopsies of astrocytomas (6 grade III, and 7 grade IV) from adult Mexican patients by using reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction and immunohistochemistry. Progesterone receptor expression was observed at mRNA and at protein levels in 66% and 83% of astrocytomas grade III, respectively, whereas 100% of astrocytomas grade IV expressed PR. Almost all PR mRNA content in astrocytomas grades III and IV corresponded to PR-B. The number of immunoreactive cells expressing PR-B was higher than that expressing PR-A in 73% of the cases. Estrogen receptor-α protein was only observed in 33% of astrocytomas grade III, whereas no astrocytomas grade IV expressed it. These data suggest that PR-B is the predominant isoform expressed in human astrocytomas grades III and IV, and that estrogen receptor-α is not expressed in astrocytomas grade IV.

Corticosteroids induce chemotherapy resistance in the majority of tumour cells from bone, brain, breast, cervix, melanoma and neuroblastoma

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Pinky -

I am very sorry for your husband having to go through with this. I am a 23 year old female and was first diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a pop can in my right frontal lobe on July 10, 2007. I had a ressection about a week later and the surgeon successfully removed 90 % of my tumor. (It was an oligodendroglioma/astrocytoma low grade mix) He then told me that I shouldn't expect anymore growth for at least 5-10 years. I just went for a check-up at the beginning of September and the tumor had grown back and was bigger than before. I had a 2nd ressection done on September 16th. Again he removed 90%. The tumor is now purely anaplastic astrocytoma grade iii. In about 2 weeks I will be starting IMRT treatments and taking the Temodar form of chemotherapy. Tell your husband to STAY POSITIVE! If me being a 23 year old female can go through this, I know your husband will pull through great!!! I have read that survival ratio for these tumors is 2 to 5 years, but that was on the internet and I don't believe half of what I read on here. I have a 3 year old daughter and I am currently living with my parents and brother to help me out. Family and close friends definitely help keep me positive! Good luck and if you ever want to talk, feel free to contact me!
-- ashley


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Hi Pinky,
My name is Sharon and I am going through my fight again with my oligodendroglioma again. I had 80% of the mass removed four and half years ago and two months ago the mri found two new fast growing tumors growing in the spot where the previous tumor had been removed. They could not go in, so I am now going through Kemo taking Temodar and Radiation at the same time. It is not a piece of cake but we have to do it. It is just the not knowing if it is cancerous or not, the first time it was cancer free and this time it is the not knowing. So I just have to assume it is and be a stronger fighter than before. But I will say your email was a pick me up and gave me a smile, and a determintion for today to do even better in this fight.



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My name is Anne & my husband was diagnosed with Anaplastic oilogodendroglioma III in Feb 08, he has been really well since that other than the normal problems such as fatique & lack of sleep. My question is wether it may be coming back again, his MRI is due in September his last one was in March, he is having really bad dreams every night he wakes up then cannot get back to sleep his mind just goes haywire. Also he finds he has to really think about the words he want to get out, I make the mistake of trying to say the word for him & I know I should'nt do this as it makes him worse, also he is usually very mild mannered but recently he gets really annoyed a silly things that happen, I realise this is to be expected but I worry this is the tumor coming back. I rang & tried to speak to his doctor but they would not put me through & I am still waiting for a call back from them to see if it may be neccessary to bring forward his MRI. My question is has anyone gone for there MRI or CT scan with no symptons & found it has returned. My husband has only had Radiotherapy they are waiting until it returns before they use chemo.




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These can be malignant or not - mine is malignant. I'm on 10 months with Grade 2, 3 oligodendroglioma. Was treated by biopsy by brain surgery, then 33 days radiatiion and Temodar. Now, I have two more cycles of chemo left. My tumor is considered "responsive at this point.

How are you doing now?

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Why do you need a survival ratio?

Imagine survival as a statistical bell curve (or normal distribution). If the "average" person survives 2-5 years, and the "below average" person survives less than 2 years, why not decide to be the "above average" person who decides to live 5+ years?

My plan is to be that above average person. With the right attitude you and your husband will make it happen.

Take care,

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go Liz, I had a low grade glioma at age 11. 38 years later, I'm here to fight again. They tell me that what they thought was necrcould may be new tumor...bring it on...nobody has a for sure deal...so don't give into a dire prediction....thanks Liz. Tony

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go Liz, I had a low grade glioma at age 11. 38 years later, I'm here to fight again. They tell me that what they thought was necrcould may be new tumor...bring it on...nobody has a for sure deal...so don't give into a dire prediction....thanks Liz. Tony

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I am 47 and was diagnosed with Oligodendriglioma in 2003, as a result of two grand mal seizures, had a partial resection (65-70%), in 2004. Mine is in my speech and language area so if it starts growing again I cannot have surgery. My doctors did not give me any survival rate, which I give them credit for. I wanted to know but I don't think there is any guarantees they can give, instead they told me that they had patients with the same tumor that were 5 years, 10 and one at 20 years. I am trying to be positive and going for the over 20 year mark. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and her doctors gave her 3 years at best. She had 11 years before the cancer developed into other areas and she lost the fight 2 years ago. I believe her strong will and doing all the things she wanted to do helped alot with overcoming the odds. Hope your husband is doing well.

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Iam 50 year old and 2 years ago i diagnosed with oligodendroglioma 11 grade.Ididt make surgery just Gamma Knife Radiosurgery and the Dr said that iam doing well and that iam going to live for long time.So be strong and have only positive thoughts.
Maria from Cyprus.

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