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clinton dean
clinton dean Member Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Prostate Cancer #1
has anyone out there dwelt with destroyed bladder from radiation 2.5 yrs of fighting this prob. I'm tired, ready to quit had urolume stent implant on 9-18-2008 and the leakage is getting unbearable how do u deal?????.artificial sphincter surgery due 01-07-2009 will not be activated for 6 weeks, why?? any info appreciated.


  • larry59
    larry59 Member Posts: 41
    clinton dean you certainly have been dealt a terrible hand in the deck of life. Was it from prostate cancer or something else? My prayers are with you and hope good things come your way before long. Surgeons can do a lot of good thngs these days. Let me know how you're doing and if I can help in any way. And try not to give up, that just adds up to one more easy victim to mr. c.
  • JoeMac
    JoeMac Member Posts: 77
    Aloha clinton dean,
    It is sad that your life is so bad. I know of four people here on the Big Island who are also in bad shape. One is a friend ... he has bladder cancer from radiation treatment 8 years ago. My problems are minor compaired with yours ... Have you posted your question to
    There are no easy answers for your condition. If your docs do not understand, you should try other docs.
    You should also seek therapy ... these cases are rough ... I am slowly learning that the answers I seek are already inside me ... I just need to learn to see them. I know this does not make sense to you. There is no justice blaming others, we are just a small minority of patients who have problems from our treatmens (EBRT/IMRT). The idea of "I've got cancer" was very difficult to deal with. Now, it is maybe the cancer would have been a better choice than the treatment.
    Have hope and love, you have my prayers,
    Joe 67 Hamakua Coast
  • harvs
    harvs Member Posts: 54
    Artificial Sphincter
    It takes six weeks for the surrounding tissue to heal after the surgery. That’s why it can't be activated right away. This device is wonderful, it's well worth the wait.
    Good Luck.