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I am on my 3rd day of RAI treament but can I be around my little 12 year old dog when I go back home?

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I am headed back home tomorrow after being in a hotel room for 3 days.I know we are supposed to still be careful for about a week after but can I get close to my 12 lb. doggie. when I go back home?

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I have recently have found out I alos have thyroid cancer and was wondering how the rai tratment works and if you have to do it in a hospital or can you do it at home?

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Hi kelly,
I'm about to go in for my rai treatment on Nov. 18th and according to New York State I have to stay in the hospital until the radiation level in my body gets down low enough to be safely around other people. All though my oncologist did tell me that there are places who do send you home the same day. So I guess it all depends on where you live and who your oncologist is. I know that I will be in the hospital for 2-4 days and then when I get home I can't be around little children or pregnant women and only in the company of others for an hour the first 3 days home, after that I'm allowed to be around others for 3 hours at a time for 2 weeks. I hope this has helped you. Take care and good luck.

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I think some states may have regulations but in illinois they do not do it in the hospital. They have you swallow the pill there and then give you guidelines to follow. I just couldn't realistically keep my dog away from me and did not want to confine myself to one room in the house for about 72 hrs so my husband and I decided that it would be best if I just went to a hotel for the 3 nights. I was pretty worn out by it, nauseous and bored but I caught up on some good pay per view movies and hopefully killed any remaining cancer cells so at least I've got that going for me. So that's good. And of course, once I got home and got on my synthroid life is slowly starting to get a little more normal feeling again.

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