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dodged the hughest bullett on my life

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Hi All,
Well I'm a new person on this site. I wanted to find some place or somewhere to tell my story. Well you guys judge if it qualifies or not. I recently had a colonoscopy done last Wednesday. The reason for this was their was some bleeding going on you know where. Any way that aspect of things stopped with medicine. The procedure was done and the results were the following:

I made 4 polups 2 were ok 2 if left in could have led to colon cancer. Well they say it puts things in perspective when you have something like this happen to you and that my friends is the truth. The things that I thought mattered, work part time job at the gym people at my full time job , stuff happening at my full time job all got put on the back burner.

Well the guy that did the procedure called me and gave me the news. It hasnt registered yet that its all good. I ask well what do I do now, hes says the same thing. Well that doesn't fly at all. So needless to say I've been on the net getting as much info as I can. I have a consult with my primary care this week. I tell you its been a rough week thats for sure. Well I guess thats about it. Thanks for reading this.


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That is great news. Make sure you do all of your follow ups and take care of yourself.


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That's good news! The best thing you can do for yourself now is to take extra good care of your health. Keep the weight down, eat fiber, stuff like that. Make sure you get plenty of exercise!


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Joined: Sep 2008

Hi All
Thanks for all the nice words. I'll do the best I can to take care of myself. I work in town Boston to be exact. I know inhaling all the delightful odors in that city can't be good for you. Well you do what you have to do to get a paycheck. No worries im looking for something a little closer to home. If all goes well, it's back to school for this kid with a little part time job to boot. Fiber and exercise that sounds good to me jumping on the net to find out as much info as I can. Want to find out just exactly what makes Polups??? (sorry if the spelling is wrong) Why did this alomst happen to me?? I mean Jesus I take car of myself Im a fitness trainer cycling instructor I lost over 60 pounds and I have this happen to me. Good god is it genetic?? Or is it becaue I'm a guy. The guy that did the procedure says "Well theres something in there that made these and since you made more than 1 or 2 we are gonna keep you under close watch" I have to go back for another colonscopy in 2 years.

I tell you people have no clue what even coming within spitting distance of this is like. I swear to god it's like nothing I have ever felt before. When I first got the news I felt like I got smack in the chops with a brick. I felt so "Stalled" it was not funny at all. Even though I am ok, I don't hear the words. I hope those three words start to register in my head soon. I hear them but they don't seem to register. Is it drama,is it time to suck it up and move on?? Here's one for you walk in my shoes everything being equal and see how you feel. So shoot me if I put everything I thought was important on the back burner: Work, training, the people there etc etc and thought of myself first.

Anyway It's getting better slowly and I know I'll be back in the swing of things soon. treid to get back to the gym tonight but got friggin stuck at work. Well there's alway tomorrow
Well it's back to information gathering and questions for the consultation. Thsnks for reading my rants and raves. Any ideas and comments are welcome. Thanks again.


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Hi Steve,

Sometimes I think it is genetic. Now understand that with colon cancer no bodily function is sacred. LOL. I have had problems with my bowels since I was young. Nobody ever took any of the issues into consideration. I think my 'slow bowels' is genetic and also from what I ate when young and until dx. Since DX I have tried to eat better. More fiber, veggies, fruit. Not so much sugar. Only 'good' meat like chicken, fish. The hardest part though is the cheese. Colon cancer patients aren't supposed to eat processed meat or cheese. Not to be crude but it just stays around in the bowels too long. My ex MIL always asked when you felt sick 'How are your bowels??' and now I know why. LOL. HUGS and it will slowly process that you ARE ok but need to watch. Good luck and tell us how you are doing sometimes.

Lisa F
Stage 3 colon and 2 1/2 year survivor!!!

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'Almost cancer' is not cancer. Many people grow polyps, as I'm sure your doctor told you. No, actually, you being male doesn't mean anything in this case....50% of all colon cancer patients are female.

Take a deep breath. As you said, you dodged the bullet. This cancer is the only cancer that is preventable, for the most part, by just the method you found....removal!!!

You need to be vigilant...that's why the scope every 2 years....

I am a stage III rectal cancer survivor, going on 4 years since dx. I still have scopes yearly. No more cancer!



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Why does this happen to any of us??

I'm a 32 year old otherwise perfectly healthy female, have always been normal weight, have always been really active and have always eaten very healthfully (no meat, fresh fruits and veggies). Now I'm fighting stage III colon cancer! It doesn't make any sense and I think a large part of it is genentic.

Take a deep breath, shake it off and enjoy your life. Now you just know you have something you have to monitor a little more carefully. Prevention is a good thing, not a bad thing.

Congratulations on catching it early!


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Thanks for the encourageing words. It's true just gotta be a little more vigilant. The scope every 2 years is something I can deal with it just hit me like a brick. the thig of it is,
it was "almost Cancer" and still scared the hell out of me. Good grief. Anyway thanks again it's on to cleaner eating and living living living. Talk to you later.

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