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I spoke with the gastro's office today. His PA said the reason they're recommending another colonoscopy for me at around 6 months instead of a year, is that guidelines are changing. Even though it's not widely published yet, she said that the thinking is that a follow-up colonoscopy should be at 6 months, especially in light of the fact that one exam showed some blood and the pain and constipation I've been having. Anybody else hear about this 6 months business?

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I don't think it's a bad idea. Can't be too careful as far as I'm concerned. If anything is there, catching it early is smart thinking! Wish my hubby's doc had INSISTED on a routine colonoscopy at 50 instead of being so/so on it and him waiting til age 53, because maybe then it would not have spread to his liver and after 9 chemos and 2 major surgeries, a colonscopy is a ride in the park compared to alternatives. Go for it. God Bless

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My colon resection was in March 06 and my first follow-up colonoscopy was 6 months after surgery. Then I went one year later, October 07. At that time, I was told that I could go 3 years. I was glad to go 6 months after surgery, for my own peace of mind. Now that I'm on the 3-year plan, it's a little scary.

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Folks need to know that you can have colon cancer with absolutly no symptoms. Dreading a comonoscopy because of the prep does not compute with me. I put off my first one until I was 60, and was in surgery 4 days later. Talk about being blind sided. No symptoms, no problems. My second colonoscopy was also 6 months after finishing chemo.

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I know. I'm just waiting now for the appointment setters to call me back and get the big day. Not my favorite day, but it's easier than the surgery. And maybe I'm just an Eeyore, but I've had the feeling all along that I'm not done with this thing. Now I want the doctors to prove me wrong!

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The prep for a colonoscopy is pretty bad but I think it is totally worth it.. I wish I would have had one done a lot early... it would have saved me and my family a lot of pain!


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