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Ok I am having a break down over here so I wanted to talk to someone
who doesnt know me and wont just tell me to calm down and "everything
is going to be ok". Ok long story as short as possible, Im scared out
of my mind and confused. I have had gyno problems since my period
began. It has gotten worse as I get older (im 23 by the way). It
started with very heavey periods from the very begining. Then years
later it turned into heavy and painful periods. I would see doctor
after doctor (my father was in the military) and they would say I
need to take Motrin two days before my period and blah blah. I tired
nearly every method of birthcontrol pills including the shot to help
me. Within the last few years it has gotten to the point where I am
really worried. I have crazy spotting and Im not talking a little
blood Im talking almost another full blown period, then I am having
painful intercourse followed by bleeding after sex, again a
substantial amout (something I cant ignore) and random painful
cramps. I got private insurance and went to see a new gyno. She did
some blood work then told me my best chance was a IUD. SO I got it,
hello, no change, it has been months and no change. Im stuck. I
started doing my own research and have started to consider cervial
cancer. Is it possible that I have it and it has been missed this
whole time, I get my yearly pap and sometimes more than one a year.
Also I am scared of the possibility of it being cncer, what do I do,
I cant talk to anyone, I dont have a reliable doctor, Im only 23 and
dont have any kids yet. I know its wrong but part of me doesnt want
to know as horrible as that sounds. Someone out there has to identify
with me or no someone who does. Please help.

Anonymous user (not verified)

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.I'm 39 years old just had a radical hysterectomy on 1-29-08. I had heavy painful periods all my life but never spot bleeding and never painful intercourse. Did you have a papsmear thats how they detected mine. I was a fool I went 2 years between my papsmear big mistake. But i never had any symptoms. Please have normal papsmears done if you had one recently it would have showed on that. You maybe one of the unlucky women who suffer from horrible periods. I would think that with all the technology now there should be something to help you. I seen a doctor in richmond va at johnston willis hospital his name is randal west. He is wonderful if you are anywhere near richmond it maybe worth your wild. I believe he does more than cancer treatments he is also a gynecologist. Hoping good things come your way!!!!


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Hi. I'm sorry you are having these painful issues. I recommend you see a gynecological oncologist for testing--whatever that may entail. Considering your youth, some doctors may blow off the possibility of serious problems, so go to someone who will take you seriously and do a biopsy and other tests. It doesn't matter what it costs. Your life is more important than money. I hope everything turns out well for you. Hugs,

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Sorry to hear what you are going through. I can identify with you....

I'm 27 and had a hysterectomy last week for uterine cancer. I didn't go to a doctor for a LONG time and should have -- maybe could have caught things earlier..... I would go for days, actually months with a "period" - they were always very heavy, but not painful. Sometimes I just had to stand in the shower because there was nothing more I could do. I became very anemic and finally did something about it. When I went they did a pap test, but at the same time a biopsy. Later on I did start to get painful cramps and back pain.

Find a doctor that will listen to you and take you seriously. It can be scary and I can understand how part of you doesn't want to know --- but you need too.

I hope everything goes well for you! ~Hugs~ Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.

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I was diagnosed with stage 1b cervical cancer in June of 2006. I had not been to an obgyn in over 22 yrs, and I had irregular bleeding & painful periods so, I finally went. I had a radical hysterctomy in Aug. of 2006. They found 1 positive node so, I had 6 weeks of chemo & radiation. That ended in Nov. of '06.

Starting Jan. of '07, I noticed changes in my bowels. As the year progressed, I could not eat without pain or vomitting. I lost over 100lbs!!

They discovered a bowel obstruction cause by the radiation. A pet scan in July of '07 showed no signs of cancer. Praise God! The bowel obstruction,. however, was getting worse.

I finally had surgery in Nov. of '07 to fix the obstruction. Two weeks later, I was back in the hospital because my bowels had ruptured! Peritonitis had set in, I was severly malnourished. The doctors told my family I probably would not make it through the surgery.

Well, thanks to God, I did make it. I woke up with 2 ostomy bags and TPN. I spent 3 MONTHS in the hospital, from Dec. of '07 to Feb. of '08.

I was down to 91 lbs. (I am 5'5"). My body wasn't absorbing any of the nutrition from the food I was eating which is the reason for the TPN.

It is now May of '08. I still have the ostomies and am still on the TPN 12 hrs. a day. Hopefully, there will be a reversal in the near future.

If you're someone who prays, please keep me in your prayers. I know God answers them. The cancer didn't kill me, the poision didn't kill me. I'm still here for a reason.

My prayer is that I have enough GOOD bowel left. (not damaged by radiation), and that I wake up with no bags and no TPN.

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I can really relate to your story, as mine sounds very similar. I had just turned 30 when I was diagnosed with Stage 1a Endometrial cancer. I had some of the same symptoms as you have described here. I also thought nothing of it at first. Until I lost so much blood they thought about doing a transfusion. I didn't want to know either, but with knowing I could be proactive in my decisions and my future. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy 4/18/05. I am glad to say that all has been well for me since then. I know exactly what you are feeling, especially since I didn't have children. That was the absolute hardest part for me to accept. What I can tell you from experience is to get a GREAT doctor that will listen to you and do the proper testing to determine the problem early. Be proactive, ask questions, DO YOUR RESEARCH on whatever they tell you. It's scary but worth it as long as you have your life! Keep us posted and let us know how you are doing.

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Hi, I have a degree in counseling, but it didn't stop my fear. Faith and support groups helped a lot. I also suggest you see a gynocological oncologist. Remember, whatever happens, if you do need a hystorectomy,,(I've had one for cancer and am recovering well)girlfriend you have no way to go but up. You are dealing with a rough situation for a LONG time that isn't necessary.
Don't suffer much longer,keep looking for help and the good Doctor will come. I will pray. N. in Tennessee

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