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Hi my stepfather has been diagnosed with MDS and my mum is wanting to know what to expect and what she shld watch out for to prevent him becoming to ill, too fast.

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For prevention and cure for all types of people with or without cancer. My name is Michael i live in Australia and i had bone cancer which spread to my lungs. I am alive and well. There are natural treatments that replace chemotherapy or can be used with chemot. In fact there was a study done not too long ago with 65 terminal patients with various cancers. 51 of them survived trying one natural supplemnet called zeolite. I am not saying this is a curall remedy but with the loads of other remedies if you combine them the chances of surviving are amazing. I say this to you becasue the doctors told alot of other people i know of through Phillip Day seminars that they were terminal. But are now healthy and alive years afterwoards! I am following these rules to life a healthy life. These natural treatments many of them proved by scientsits are not in the main stream because doctors are only taught about the chemotherapies and drug company funded products. These are natuaral supplements, you can only try them they cant do anything bad- so why not attempt it. I have had bone cancer and I must tell you natural treatments work more effectively than chemotherapy. There is hope for everyone please just read what I have to say!
I know alot of people who've beaten cancer without so much as a doctors help. That's right the cure is through natural based therapies- ie Phillip Days teachings. Has anyone heard of Phillip Day? I wouldn't have expected you to. The battle in defeating cancer is over, it has been won, already. There are many natural treatments available which can allow one to beat the disease. In fact I am one of them, I beat it when the doctors could do no more. There have been tens of thousands many of which were told hey could do no more they were terminal and through these natural good health ways they are still alive. Phillip Day and his books show that many scientists and researchers have found natural ways to beat cancer itself. The books are a collection of many studies conducted my world renown scientists and doctors. For further information I found this site yesterday- not as well versed as it could be but good site http://www.cancerfightingstrategies.com/ Further information is on Linus Pauling the multiple Nobel prize winner for science said in 1994 " All people should know that cancer in our society today is basically a fraud." It is known that the reason for cancer is the pollutants and chemicals in our environments foods, shampoos, etc. There are natural ways to cleanse the body of these. Things such as vitamin B17 found to be absent on all cancer sufferers is to be taken- it is found in apricot kernels. What is interesting is that the selling of apricot kernels has been made illegal by the government in the USA. Why may you ask- that's the very question we are all asking, why would they ban apricot kernels- the only true source of B17 vitamins? This one factor amoung others shows that one can rid of cancer, like me who is living three years after I shouldn't be am here to show it is proof it works. I was shown this when my cousin's friend had turned to natural supplements against the doctors wishes and is alive and well today. Phillip Day's books must be bought, you can find them on websites. The real reason why we have chemotherapy is that it is such a successful market for business a multi billion dollar industry in western countries like here in Australia. Doctors go to school and are taught about the drugs that are available, not natural treatments. I promise with all my heart this is true, I know that you all have a chance- Please find out more about these things it has saved me and can change anyone's lives.
Faithfully Michael- free of cancer.
Just try it its natural - it wont hurt.
P.S I need some cancer warriors to help the fight and pass on this critical information to others after you have read it,

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