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The LAST one!

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I just took my last Chemo treatment this morning..Yaaahooo!! I'm excited but then..I don't know?

6 months ago I didn't think this day would get here, then it arrived and I think. Wow, already.
Some times were bad, but most times not so bad. I'm not one to think of the bad days and when they changed the Chemo Cocktail, it was a smoother journey. I tried to educate people about cancer and have them look at me and see that just because you have cancer you don't have to always look bad. And..I decide not to get a wig and just wear my "badge of courage" just the way it was with lots of make-up and big earrings! Hehehehe...

This site has been wonderful. Have learned alot and have been reading about Post chemo.
Learned not to think I am going to get better overnight and that it takes time.

I am not one to mourn cancer. I live my live to the fullest and don't look back. I have no doubt that the beast will NOT come back.

I'm believing I'm one of the lucky ones!

Thank all of you so much for your caring and passion.

Just remember to always use your energy for going forward! Don't hide your head in the sand.

My best to all of you.


PS..sounds like I'm leaving, doesn't it! Well..I'm not! Will be in here often.
Might even go to the Colonpalooza next year. Love San Francisco

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Dear Claudia,
Yaahooo for you!!! You were the first one I really met and talked to on this website and you have been a tremendous inspiration to me. I am so glad it is over for you. Please keep in touch and know that you will still be in my prayers. You have beat the beast!!!!!!!!! Soooo time to think about dancing like KathiM says.
Your friend, Robin

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I know how you feel. I finished in Aug and just got my 1 CT scan clean.. I'm enjoying everday and feeling better and better each day. I agree we need to live and believe that we beat this beast. Take care and keep in touch.


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You are on your way to starting your new, cancer-free life!!!

I HOPE you won't be leaving...I'd LOVE to see you in San Francisco!!

Hugs, Kathi

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C;audia, it sounds like you are so glad to be on the other side of the road. don't worry, many of feel that way. I hope you only get the chance to support us from your experience you just finished. may you become one of our unremarkable scan survivors.

congratulation on surviving your chemo and keeping such a positive attitude. Visuilize yourself next year healthy. what will you be doing?

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Congrats! and celebrate. I know what you mean about the not thinking this day would get here and then poof all of a sudden it's here! I still can't believe my husband finally got his liver resection. There was a time (however brief when I didn't think it was going to happen)but now I can't believe surgery is over already. Enjoy your life and celebrate. Keep us posted . God Bless


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