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info about....."bsrules"...Sue

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Hullo dear friends. Sadly, my news is not good. Many of you know of or have met Sue(bsrules) and some are aware she lost her hubby to cancer. Some of you may also be aware that Sue now has cancer. Sue has a wonderfull friend called Renee who I have been in contact with and Renee is keeping me updated on Sue's progress. I don't believe Sue has current internet access.
Sue has been dx'd with a rare form of cancer called "Bile duct cancer, or cholangiocarcinoma" and is currently undergoing chemo. Unfortunately things are not going so well. This is the recent mail I received from Renee:
" Hi Ross and Jen

Sue did not get good news today. The cemo is not stoping the cancer from growing. She is very depressed. And I hate that she is alone. I am trying to get her to stay with me this weekend. My husband is away and I think It will be good for her to be here with me. I am on the phone with her now and she would like to know if you can find anything out about the type of cancer that she has. It is called cholangiosaroma(sic?) bile duct cancer. As it is prevalent in the UK. If you find out anything please email me back when you can. Glad to here that Jen and you are doing good. And Sue said to tell the gang she said hello.

Take care


As you can see Sue still has you all in her thoughts.
Jen and I spent considerable time with Sue while we were in Austin and even then we knew that she was still in much pain and depression after she lost Bob. Now our dear Sue is going thru all this worry and depression again.
I am sorry to be the bearer of this sad news and know that all your prayers are with her. For those that would like to send a message you may do so via my email or this forums message board. I will make sure that Sue receives them by sending them on via Renee.
(I know you understand I cannot print Renee's email addy here.)
Thank you my friends....huggs, Ross and Jen

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Let Sue know that her family here is praying for her and we are here all the time for support.

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Give my love to Sue and tell her Woody did not come to CP5 in Nashville. I haven't seen him since that afternoon in the Marriott while in Austin. I wonder if she has seen him?

Lisa P.

PS Thanks so much for letting us know Ross!!!! Hugs to you both.

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I will make a note of all who reply nudgie and copy the messages to send on to Sue...thank you for your thoughts!
Lisa....who was Woody? I don't recall meeting him. We hope you too are doing ok.....huggs from oz.

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Honey, I can't tell you here, but trust me she will laugh out loud when she hears his name. I will get Baby Lisa to send you a photo or two of our friend. Linda got to meet him too and it was a very fun and happy time. You know; the ones you have at a Palooza when you forget cancer even exist.

Lisa P.

PS. I will give you a hint. It had something to do with a wedding shower in the hotel that afternoon, but remember what happens at a Palooza stays at a Palooza.

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Kanga -

Thanks for the info on Sue... I know she is so sad and lonely without Bob. It is good to see that she has good friends close who are keeping an eye on her. I believe so strongly that a major emotional event - such as Bob's loss in Sue's case - can bring about this evil disease.

Please pass along my e-mail on the ship to her (I can't get my hotmail from here). I would like to send her some encouragement.

Sue is a great person and a true-blue SemiColon. I'll be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers.

- SB

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I am so sorry to here about Sue. I lost my sister to this same cancer about 5 years ago. At that time there was no known effect treatment for that type of cancer. My sister was in a clinical trial that was testing the chemo regimen used for pancreatic cancer. The trial did give her an extra 3 years of good quality life. I sincerely hope that treatment has progressed in the years since losing my sister.

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Hi Ross,
I'm so sorry to hear this news about Sue. Please let her know that I am sending positive energy her way and that she is in my thoughts.

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Let Sue know that I have been saying some prayers for her. I'll say a few more and keep in touch. You can beat this keep the faith.

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Keeping her in my prayers. God Bless


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Thank you for the news. I am sending my strongest, biggest, healthiest vibes to Sue.

Hugs, Kathi

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Sending Sue lots of prayers.

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Thanks for getting in touch with us.
Sue you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Never,ever give up!!

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Thanks for keeping us in touch. Please tell Sue she has been and will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers daily. She is a special person that deserves to find her peace and her healing.
Dash (Mary Kay)

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Hi Ross,
Thank you for the news. It is hard to hear that Sue is having such a dreadful experience so soon after losing Bob. Please let her know that she is in my thoughts and I will be sending good thoughts and prayers her way. What a terrible, terrible thing this beast is.

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Thanks Ross..I received an email from Sue tonight while she is a Renee's and came to the site to let everyone know but thanks for posting this...I agree with the post that huge stress can tip the scales and bring about cancer (funny that they ask on the admitting oncology sheet about recent "stesses" in your life...

I too am so sad that Sue does not have Bob with her physically to get through this but believe with all my heart that he is still holding her hand.

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