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age 67 FVPTC

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Diagnosed age 67 with encapsulated FVPTC 3.5 cm. Completion thyroidectomy soon. Anyone else have similar experience?

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Hi Margaret -
Do you mean a Thyroidecotmy, the whole thing is coming out? I just had that done in March. Going good without it. I take Synthroid and my blood counts are good. Some hot flashes sometimes, not sure if its the lack of the Thyroid or just my age. :)
A Lymphoma attached itself to my Thyroid and thats why it had to come out. Let me know when you are scheduled?

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Hi Margaret, FVPTC = Follicular Variant of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma (which I guess is why they abbreviate it...). Presumably if you are having a "completion" thyroidectomy you have already had one lobe removed? It is quite common to do it in two steps, and even if there isn't cancer in the remaining lobe removing the complete thyroid gland makes it so much easier to zap any remaining thyroid cells and to make it possible to screen us in future for early signs that it might have returned.

Hope this helps and do let us know if you have any questions.


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I am 29 and diagnosed with FVPTC in June. I had a total thyroidectomy on the table when the biopsy results came back (I had another nodule in the other side that was also FVPTC). Now I have recurrent growth in the thyroid bed and one lymph node although my nodes came back clean after the surgery. I am doing fine on the Synthroid, have enjoyed the energy/weight loss from being kept hyperthyroid! However, I start my RAI treatments in October and I am scared that the cancer is already recurring so soon. Good luck to you - it was a comfort to find others with FVPTC on here!


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Hi Margaret
I just had a Thyroidectomy 3 weeks ago and the Pathology showed FVPTC. The good news for me is that is was .7cm very small and encapsulated. My Endo thinks that the Thyroid removal is enough no need for RAI. I'm 49 and a mother of 4. I am really optimistic and feel as though it is under control, but I do worry about a possible re-occurance down the road, and also wonder when I'll get the volume back in my voice although I think my husband and kids enjoy the fact I can not raise my voice!!!

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