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Great news!

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Hi Everyone!!
As you may know, my mom (stage4/with mets to both adrenal glands) had a PET/CT scan last week. On Tuesday of this week, my mom, my dad, and myself drove to Denver to Rocky Mountain Cancer Center to see Dr. Allen Cohn. My mom has been fighting this beast for almost one year. She stopped chemo 3 months ago with active disease. That was very scary for all of us, but prayer got us through. We pursued a different line of treatment called Cyberknife. She finished these treatments 5 weeks ago. Cyberknife only targets certain areas, in my mom's case it was the adrenal tumors. Usually they like you to wait 8 to 12 weeks before having a scan because they usually do not see results any sooner than that. My mom had her scan only 4 weeks after Cyberknife treatment.

The scan results were GREAT!!!!! Both adrenal tumors show significant reduction in activity. Dr. Cohn was very amazed at this and said that he is very hopeful that in 8 weeks when we do another scan that the tumors will be completely dead. This was GREAT, GREAT news!!! And, even better, there is no new cancer. The rest of the scan was clean!!! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!!!! My family is so ready to do the "Naked Happy Dance," and we are almost there.....I can feel it. We are chasing down NED and ready to be his dance partner!

We have decided to change oncologists. We will now be seeing Dr. Cohn in Denver. He is such a wonderful man and has given my mom the hope that she needs to continue to fight this disease. He was so happy with the way that my mom is doing that he has given her another 2 month break from any treatment. At that time, we will do another scan and decide what we should do. He understands my mom's decision to not do erbitux and CPT 11 and supports her in that decision. He said that there are many things we still have not considered, and he assured us that he is willing and ready to think outside of the box.

God is good, and we feel so blessed. I keep all of you in my prayers. Never give up hope, for it is a wonderful thing!!
God bless-

P.S. I know that this rambled on and on, so I apologize for that. I am just so very HAPPY!!!!

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I feel your energy in your e-mail! I am SO happy that things are lining up for a victory for your mom. What a great daughter you are to be so involved!

Keep us posted,


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Joined: Oct 2006

Hi Stacy,
I want you to know that you, with many others on this board, have given my such hope for my mom!!

Also, I am thinking about Nashville, but for us it will probably be a last minute thing. We are right in the middle of selling everything(house and other building lots) and trying to move into our new place....can you say NERVOUS BREAKDOWN?? The place we bought is wonderful, but we are going to totally remodel it before we move in. So, we will probably be living in our camp trailer or the caretakers place for most of the summer. So, if we decide to do Nasville, we will be last minute and make our own accomodations. It sounds like such a wonderful time and I would love to bring my parents to meet you all!!

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We would LOVE to have you and your parents there! I understand the hectic life associated with moving. We moved 6 years ago and I think I STILL have things that aren't unpacked!

If you can't make it for the whole trip, shoot for a few days...mainly Thursday, Sept 13th.

Take care,


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Valerie - I totally feel your happiness and am so glad for you and your Mom.

I saw my oncologist on Monday and we talked about the variability in care across the country and how in many areas driving 90+ miles is really worth it! (living in DC, 90+ miles is not necessary, but the point is that you need to go where good treatment is available and I am so glad you found a place.)

Take care and best wishes to your Mom.

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I totally agree with you. We are going to be driving about 4 hours for every appointment, but it is so worth it. 4 hours can not compare the great treament my mom will be getting. I have been trying for the last year to get my mom to switch oncs, and I am so happy that she finally saw that there IS a difference!
Best wishes to you, too!

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Woohooo Valerie. Great news! I'm so happy for your mom and you. Absolutely terrific! God Bless


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Greatttttttttttttt newssssssss !!!!

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I am so happy to hear the news! That is so totally amazing and hopeful.

I think you will be very happy with Dr. Cohn. I have driven 4 hours to see him for 2 years now. He is a very great doctor. I get my CT scans done in the Pres. St. Luke hospital, just down the street from RMCC and you find he is listed as one of their top notch doctors.

I can't wait to hear that your mom is NED and dancing naked.

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Where about are you at? Just wondering since we are driving about 4 hours too.

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Val -

I have been AWOL for a while (USAKat has been here visitin'), what GREAT news to come back to! i am absolutely thrilled for you and your mom and your whole dog-gone family!

I will keep her in my prayers for continued good scans and success against the dragon.


- SpongeBob

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I got your personal email too and cried with happy tears, the best kind of tears to have. I hate to say I told you so but will!!!! I love that the new onc is so supportive of her "healthy approach" and unique way to fight the ******* cells.

You made my week big time.

I'm also very happy about the plans for the new place and congrats on getting exactly what you wanted for the house you have today!!!!!

Hugs, Lisa P.

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BIG NAKED HAPPY DANCE (sigh...gained a few pounds...lol)

Hugs to you and mom!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Great News!!!
When one of us wins, we all win.
Jo Ann

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Hi Valerie,yes,yes GOD is good, and he is answering all your prayers, and ours too, you don't know how happy I feel for you, your Mom and all your family,believe it or not I was waiting for a good post from you, and this one is GREAT, next step that big ballroom dance with NED. Lots of hugs for all of you.

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Hi Valerie, What wonderful news. I don't post often, but try to keep up with the reading...your mom has had quite a time of it; what great news to get. She is blessed to have you in her corner. The ride to the new onc sounds so worth it. I heard a Dr Groopman speak here (Boston); he wrote a book called "The Anatomy of Hope" and thinks that joining with the patient and instill hope in dealing with whatever this disease throws at us is an onc's first responsibility. Sounds like you got yourself a keeper! Judy

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Hi Valerie!

That's AWESOME about your mom!!!! WooHoo!!!

It makes all the difference, I believe, when your onc is encouraging and supportive. Being empowered like your mother about her health care is so key for survival.

Prayers for you all during your upheaval too....what stress! :-)

peace, emily

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Thanks to all of you for your support!!! I really don't know what I would do without you all!! Love and prayers to ya!
God bless-

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