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Just Finished Chemo

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Hi all

It's been a long 7 months but I just finished chemo today!!! I had surgery in August for a tumor in my colon and started chemo in October. Just finished my 12th treatment and I am relieved, but still a little apprehensive about stopping (did I do enough?) I was at Stage IV and can't believe I've come this far. The folks on this board are the best and have inspired me. My Oncologist is very optimistic and I will be starting Avastin maintenance in 2 weeks. One-half hour in the clinic is all I have to do. I will have a ct scan on Tuesday and results on April 4th. I am praying hard for good results.

God Bless You All


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Dear Annie,

Congratulations with being done!!!! We evidently have been parallel in our diagnosis & treatment. I, too, was diagnosed in August and started chemo in October. Unfortunately, I did not tolerate the chemo the further along we went, and had to stop treatments after 9 of them. My oncologist is ok with that, because I was only at Stage IIA, but I also wonder if it was enough.

I am rooting for you and will keep you in my prayers. Believe!


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Congratulations on reaching a milestone and good thoughts and prayers on a NED ct. God Bless.

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Hi Annie - We are in a surprisingly similar situation. I was diagnosed Stage IV in early March of 2006. Colon tumor and liver mets. Out of the gate it looked pretty grim. I had 7 to 9 mets in the liver, the largest of which were in different lobes. I started chemo (FOLFOX + Erbitux) in late March. By July I was eligible for surgery. Thankfully all of the small liver lesions had disappeared, leaving the colon tumor and the two significant liver tumors. The colon tumor was surgically removed and the liver tumors treated with RF ablation in mid August. Restarted the chemo in mid September.

In mid January I had a severe reaction to Oxolyplatin. After a final treatment of Eritux a week later, my oncologist took me off chemo 100%. Apparently the regime is "all or nothing" and since I have been NED (Yippie!) since the surgery she was not open to an alternative chemo regime. Like you, I was concerned that I hadn't had enough chemo. It was also the first event that forced a change in treatment.

I had a scan last Thursday (AM) and haven't heard a word from my oncologist. I have an appointment on Tuesday, but the waiting is really tough. If you can give me any information on the Avastin maintenance program you are on I would be grateful. Seems like a similar approach could be taken with Erbitux.

You have my prayers and best wishes for your scan on Tuesday.


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Hi Annie,
Glad it's over for you. I just finished another bout of oral chemo. want you to know i am stage iv and doing well. been living with this 2 years now. went through a lot, but you will make it, praying for you.

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CONGRATS on finishing your chemo. You have just finished one hurdle and are moving onto the next. As my husband would tell me, it is like running a marathon with hurdles. As you jump the hurdles you have completed another step.

May God give you the strength and guidance you are seeking to see you through this chapter in your life.

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I have said it before and I have to say it again. You folks are the most INSPIRING folks I have ever known. You have all given me hope and the strenth and will to fight this ugly monster. I have made it through the first hurdle and feel pretty good about things. Today, I am going for my ct scan but won't hear results until April 4th (and that seems like a lifetime away). The doctor promised that if she gets the results early, she will call me but for now, I won't know until the 4th. (That's my brother's birthday so it has to be good!!)

Again, THANK YOU all for your inspiring stories and giving me courage. I couldn't have made it all this way without you.

God Bless


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I was initially diagnosed in August of 2004, went through the colon resection, stage IIIB, chemo for 6 months, CT scans... it came back in 2006 on my ovary and i went in for another surgery to remove lots of things. I underwent another 6 months of chemo, different drugs, had my PET scan on the 16th, results on the 19th (I was VERY grateful for the speedy results). They were completely NEGATIVE for anything! What a relief! The grin on my docs face as he opened the door and handed me the single sheet of paper with maybe 3 lines on it said it all! I am going to begin maintenance Avastin as well, and am looking forward to it! Doing something rather than waiting and wondering, will it come back like it did the last time! I hope your test results are positive and you continue doing well!

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