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radiation/chemo finished

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Joined: Jan 2006

I just got back from my last chemo and radiation treatments. I remain tired and sick to my stomach but that will change soon. I lost weight, but I had it to lose. I will have my CT scan on April 17 to make sure this is all gone. I am counting on it. Thanks for your prayers.

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Congratulations! I'm sure you will be feeling better very soon. And what a nice feeling to not have to carry the pack around anymore. Go celebrate when you're feeling up to it! Good luck with the CT scan.

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Hurray!!! Hope the next scan brings more reasons to celebrate!! You will feel better each day. jana

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Hi Mark -

That is such good news. Every day will be better and better, I am sure. Best wishes for your scans.


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Congrats on finishing treatment. Rest and get your strength back. Good luck and prayers for NED ct . Keep us posted & God Bless.

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So happy you are at the end of your treatment!
Will continue praying for all of us.
Jo Ann

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Congrats on this huge milestone!!! How do you plan to celebrate? I think you have to get yourself a gift-to-self to mark this momentus occasion!

Again, congrats!

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Mark ........... Congratulations on finishing I know its a great feeling but also a scary one to feel like your not protected anymore. Will be keeping you in my prayers also. Doreen

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Once you are done feeling sick to your stomach make sure you take a bit of time to celebrate!

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Joined: Jan 2006

thanks, when I do feel like eating again I will celebrate. this nausea is terrible. this is much worse than the first time. I think the radiation being so close to my stomach has caused.

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