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Hi there, this is my first posting

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Dear All,

This is my first posting ... I began reading your discussion board in November when my boyfriends father was diagnosed with colon cancer. Then I became even more involved once my mom was diagnosed in December with colon cancer! To say the least, the holidays were quite a hoot. I thought it was finally the right time to introduce myself since I most likely will be posting more. Yesterday was my mom's first meeting with the Oncologist to discuss her chemo treatment (wow, what alot of information to take in and damn those side effects). Throughout these two months, I have appreciated all of your discussions, they have not only been informative but quite a comfort. It's nice knowing there are people out there that can really appreciate how the heck a colon works and that "passing gas" after surgery can be a highlight of ones week. Although it was priceless seeing the faces of those I did talk to, it's not conversation for the faint of heart. Hope you don't mind if I pop in for questions once the Chemo treatment begins with my mom. Take care everyone ...

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Your mom is so lucky to have you! Welcome to whatever you can get from the collection of our chemo brains. None of us knows it all, but together we can be pretty good!

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You are more than welcome anytime. Yes, it is a huge amount of information to take in. Remember that those side effects are POSSIBLE side effects -- you may get some but not all (wish I could select off a meny!). Of course they have to mention all in case of legal reasons.

Best wishes and come here anytime

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god bless you Mis473, pop in here anytime we are glad to help any way we can . ill be praying for you and your family.

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WELCOME to most informative, supportive and loving family you will find. We are hear to listen, help and give you what you need. We all laugh and cry together here and do not stress the little things.

Post and ask as many questions as you feel are needed, because you will always get an answer not matter how big or small.

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Hi Mis473,

I'm glad you found us. Like it was said that we together as a group have a wealth of knowledge and love to help. Your mom is lucky to have you. Please ask away! HUGS to you and your family. For the first chemo, getting there is the hard part. The infusion is not bad, just be prepared once you go home. Light foods, meds for naucea, immodium, senekot, herbal teas (if on oxiplatin because of cold sensativity). Tell us what cocktail she will be getting and we can probably be a little more specific on some of the reactions and what to look for. Again, HUGS!!

Lisa F.

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I just found this website. October 1st will be the 10 year anniversary of my father's death. Passed away 6 hours after the birth of my first child. I hope to write more!!

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