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Growing List~U ON IT?

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Trying to keep this on the front page for a while.
Are you on our growing list? Check out the added names and let me know if you need to be added....

Let's make this the biggest Palooza EVER!!

Alright kiddies, here it is.....


LOCATION: Hilton Hotel (downtown Nashville)

121 4th Avenue South

Nashville, Tennessee

RATES: Rates are $ 159 per night for one or two people per room. Those cramming 3 in a room, the rate is $ 169 per night. Daring enough for 4 in a room? The rate is $ 179 per night. (Video camera not included on that last rate!)

RSVP: You will need to directly RSVP with a credit card number. The last day to reserve a room will be August 12, 2007.

I AM TOTALLY BEGGING ANYONE PLANNING ON ATTENDING TO E-MAIL ME THIS WEEK. I have to sign a contract which puts me personally on the hook for the rooms not reserved. So with that stated, I'd really like an accurate count....GULP!

JUICY DETAILS: I have several things planned for this trip. Again, this is an outline, not the law. Honestly, though, it makes sense to do what is planned for the most part since the reason we're getting together is for the "TOGETHER" part! lol

The first night, Wednesday, we'll meet in the hotel bar. Head out for a casual dinner and/or drinks. Back to my room for more drinks.

The second day, Thursday, I have a few tours lined up. We'll choose a cool place for lunch, then off to a party in my room that evening. There will be a few surprises and a lot of fun.

Friday in the morning, we'll meet for a quick breakfast, and off to do some sightseeing. I'll have maps printed up with the highlights in the area. We can go as a group or individually. Personal choice. In the evening on Friday, we head to the Wildhorse Saloon for line dancing lessons (free of charge) and dinner. Everyone pays their own way for dinner & drinks....I'm nice, but not THAT nice! lol

Saturday, breakfast meet in the morning (probably no sooner than 10:00), more events (details on that to follow), head to lunch, and out on the town in the evening. This will be our last night together, it'll be great!

Sunday, all cry our ways home.

Folks can stay beyond Sunday, as the hotel promises to keep the rates the same for those choosing to do so.

So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE for the last time, let me know if you can attend. To date, I have the following confirmed:

Lisa Rose (& sidekick/hubby Andy)

Kerry (& sidekick/hubby Merriman)

Kay (& sidekick Kris~~her wingman when hunting Mooses!)

Scouty (& a few cases of Coors Light)

Me (with beer & drinks en tow for all)

Lisa (lfondots63)

Sue (jerseysue)

Ying (JADot...& hubby?)

Jana11 (& hubby?)

Suzannchilli (& anyone?)

SpongeBob (& Katie)

USAKAT (& SpongeBob! lol)

nanuk (Bud)

Katefm (& hubby Jim)

Sandyjig (& hubby Brad)


Mikew42 (& wife Karlin)
eitter (Liz)
KathiM (& guest(s))

I realize this is a long way away, but put your best effort into attending.

The details on how to RSVP will be available next week.

Thank you all SO much~~hope to see you soon!!


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Ok Stacy I can't figure out how to click on a name and get their profile. Must be the lack of food!

Put down Lucky (Kay)& Husband as tentative since I'm not sure what my status will be. Don't wanna miss this though ;)

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Wow, that's quite a growing list! There is no way I can commit to such a trip so far away, but I might just show up one of those days and hang out for dinner or something, if that's okay. I live within driving distance and I know someone there who can probably put me up for a night, so no need to get a room. Anyway, it sounds fun.

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Hi Stacy -

I want to come, but can't commit now. Perhaps without my husband, perhaps with (although if with he will skip the line dancing lesson - what fun is he?). Consider me tentative, but I really want to try it - it looks like a great group.

What does everyone do about cars? I might drive (but clearly might reconsider that). If I didn't drive, I'd be willing to help someone out with rental car fees.

I'll know more later in the Spring. So, Stacy, I understand if you don't commit a room for me.


StacyGleaso's picture
Posts: 1250
Joined: Mar 2003

I hope you can make it! Everything is in walking distance. That way, we aren't separated by driving separately. Maybe a taxi or shuttle from the airport.

Hope to see you there!

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What is your e-mail address?


StacyGleaso's picture
Posts: 1250
Joined: Mar 2003

Click on the envelope on any of the messages I posted, and it'll take you to an e-mail system through this web site.


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Wednesday, September 12, 2007 to Sunday, September 16, 2007. Not sure, but I would love to see everyone in the flesh. jams (Jo Ann and husband, Don) Maybe Don can find a golf course there.

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Jo Ann,

If my husband goes, he will play golf!!!


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What is this IF crap??????????????? Do I need to come down there and kick some burnt orange bootie????? He had better be there. Period. I may play golf too.


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Brad and I are way up for golf!!

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