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stage1 one 1-yr post op- whats next

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Hi, I had cin1&2 then cin3 and had a few biopsies, leeps, 1 cone biopsy, then a laproscopic hyst as I progressed to stage 1, which my dr. described as almost benign. A second opinion dr. also said I did not need a radical hyst so I felt lucky.
I've been reading so many different opinions on follow up care that I'm confused.
Some women with stage1 get radiation, some don't.
Anyway to shorten this up:
Do I need to go back to my surgeon for future paps?
I was told too "come back in a year".
He's far away, kinda mean, but he takes my ins. so will any gyn do?

I faired very well after my hyst but do wake up in pain sometimes and had blood in november after intercourse.
Anyone like me out there?

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I also had stage1a cervical cancer. It depends on what exact stage you have that determines the course of treatment - see below..

Stage 1
This stage is often divided into two
Stage 1a
Stage 1b
In both these stages the cancer has started to grow into the deeper tissues of the cervix. These days, stage 1A and 1B are both divided into two more smaller groups
Stage 1A1 and stage 1A2
Stage 1B1 and stage 1B2
In stage 1a the growth is so small it can only be seen with a microscope (or colposcope). Stage 1A1 means the cancer has grown less than 3 millimetres (about an eighth of an inch) into the tissues of the cervix. And it is less than 7mm wide (about a quarter of an inch). Stage 1A2 means the cancer has grown between 3 and 5 mm into the cervical tissues (up to a fifth of an inch). But it is still less than 7mm wide

In stage 1b the cancerous areas are larger, but the cancer is still only in the tissues of the cervix and has not usually spread. It can usually be seen without a microscope, but not always. In stage 1B1 the cancer is no larger than 4 centimetres (about 1.6 inches). In stage 1B2 the cancer is larger than 4cm across.

Stage 1 cervical cancer is generally treated with surgery or radiotherapy. But if you have stage 1B2 cervical cancer, your doctor may suggest combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

So as you can see there are many stages in "stage 1". I am getting follow up care on a three monthly basis - I have had two follow up paps (or really vaginal swabs as the cervix is gone) that were free of any cancer cells since my radical hysterectomy. It is very important to continue to have check ups with a gynecological oncologist.

For hysterectomy support with regard to waking up in pain and the bleeding, I highly recommend the Hystersisters web site.

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i had a 1b1 (stage 1) and had 4 treatments of chemo, 28 radiations and 3 internal radiations!
Get a 2nd opinion! all my paps came back fine until the 1 that led them to test further!
i'm doing great! i have to have paps every 3 months for the next 2 years; at that time they will test every 6months.

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I was diagnosed with stage 1b cervical cancer this past October. My oncologist told me up front that he would either do a radical hysterectomy or chemo/radiation but not both. My cancer was still contained within the walls of my cervix so my doctor performed a radical hysterectomy.
I'm 7 months post-op and so far, everything is looking real good. My last pap smear was fine and I'm feeling great. No signs of cancer at this point. I'm very glad and grateful that I had the surgery & didn't have to suffer through chemo or radiation. So far, my future looks very bright.
There is always reason to hope for a good outcome. Stay positive, take each day as it comes. Believe in yourself & in your doctors and never lose hope. I feel I'm living proof of that.

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