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Answer to chemo and the common cold

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Well, I spent the last year petrified that I was going to catch a cold and therefore chemo would have to be suspended. Meanwhile, I have now found out that as long as it is a viral infection (with low fever) and the blood count is okay, then chemo will go on as planned. The real negative piece of it is that you cannot take any over the counter meds as it could interfere with the chemo. So while my whole infected house (son, dad, stepmother) are all sleeping soundly thanks to Benylin (of course I did not give that to my son, but he is on puffers), I get to stay up all night coughing and watching bad television. Oh well, you can't have everything.

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Did you doctor tell you not to take any over the counter stuff? My oncologist at MDA told me to take Claritin D and Flonase if I wanted to. He also recommended some other over the counter stuff.

Sorry you have to suffer through a cold.

Check with your doctor again.


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Thanks for the information. That is useful to the rest who are doing chemo.


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I agree with Kerry. I have some meds that are just like Mucinex that I take. My onc had no problems. Just wanted me to make sure I didn't get a high fever because of infection. Maybe your onc can tell you something to take. Bad enough you are having side effects without the cold on top. Big hugs!

Lisa F

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The new saline nose washes should not have any effect on chemo. AND they are great at stopping colds (early on) in their tracks or helping you recover quicker. Zicam is an expesive version of them but there are several just as effective and much cheaper. PS,no side effects!!!!!

Lisa P.

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