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Hi all,
Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I started posting on Cancer compass and thought it was hooked up to this board some how! You can tell I am new to these message boards! Anyways... Kurt my husband had his surgery on the 17 of Novemeber. All went well. Got the path report back and they classified it at pT4b. It went through the subserosal adipose tissue and perforates visceral peritoneum, only one slide showed that. No lymph node involvement, 16 checked. But it does say that lymph node in pericolonic fat were positive. It was moderately differentiated. Above peritoneal reflection. Sure wish they could write this in english! We see the onocologist on Friday. We are doing good. I was very proud of him he was very pro active after surgery. He was up 8 hours after and walking the halls. He didn't use any pain meds at all! They did do it laprascopy but he did end up with a 6 inch cut because they couldn't find it! But again we are doing good. We are keeping positive thoughts. I know Ive been doing alot of reading and alot of it says they don't do chemo with stage II but I would think they would since his perforated whatever (that can't be good). Hope of you are doing good. Have been lurking (catching up), today after I figured out that this board is totally different from the other one! Oh well hope to hear from some of you. Maybe someone can decifer(?) the path report for me! Thanks Sandy

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So happy for you and your family on your husband's progress. Sounds like your spirits are up and that is HUGE for recovery. Take each day as it comes and you will be amazed at the progress.

Keep in touch,

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Sandy -

Glad to hear your husband is doing so well. Attitude is a big part of his cure.

Be well

- Spongebob

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I was DX with Stage II NO/MO colon cancer in July 06 and had the tumor removed the same month. My Onc Doc stated that the Mosaic Study inidciated that giving Stage II & III patients 12 cycles of FLOFOX (5FU, Oxy & Lev) helps with the survival rate. I went through the same thoughts you have. It is a 50/50 guessing match, but I decided to have the chemo but only had 6 treatments out of 12 due to side effects and a allergic reaction during the last session.

This is a discussion that you, your husband and Onc Doc need to have, but PLEASE make sure that you or your husband TAKE CONTROL of your treatment and not leave it in the hands of your doctors. I took control from the beginning and it helped me alot.

Feel free to email me anytime on the CSN board or one of these addresses:

Work: Shelly_Kelly@navyfederal.org
Personal: michelekelly@mindspring.com

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The survival rate increase your doctor mentioned, nudgie, is about 3% over those who were treated with "traditional" 5FU-Lu only. I know that breast cancer folks go big on treatments that increase odds of survivability by 3% - it is something the patient needs to weigh against the side-effects of the addition of Oxaliplatin to the mix. Some would argue that the extra 3% is worth the neuropathy and additional toxicity, others would not - it's a personal call.

Speaking of "personal", be careful putting your personal and work e-mails out here in the main forum where anyone (read as folks who are not part of the club) can get the info. I use the CSN e-mail system when I want to give out my personal contact info. I you'd like, just send Jose an e-mail and he will eliminate your post that contains your personal info.

Have a great day

- SpongeBob

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I can't give you any help on the path report. But I can say that is great news. You and your hubby keep the faith and all will work out.

Be blessed, Russell

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Hi Sam,

I would think that with the perforation and the fact that it is in a lymph node in the pericolonic fat that your husband is in the same risk group as Stage III. I would expect that the recommendation would be for chemotherapy. Be sure however to get several oncology opinions. It sounds like your husband has a very good attitude.


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Hi, as noted earlier, I've been looking for you guys. Happy to read of the good news regarding surgery going well. I have to agree with Vinny......please discuss his current stage and follow-up issue with MD...just to be sure he's still at stage 11 as that makes a big difference as you consider further options. Please drop us a line after your appt friday? I'll continue to pray. Again soooo good to hear from you. Take Care, Ginny

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Hi Sandy,

I am so glad that things are going so well. It sounds like Kurt is well on his way to complete healing.


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