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Chemo Shown to Affect Brain Cells

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The following blurb was in today's Kansas City Star:
Cancer chemotherapy can damage the brain, killing crucial brain cells and causing key parts of the brain to shrink, according to two studies released this week in the journal Cancer and the Journal of Biology. Scientists are calling for research on shielding the brain from the toxic effects of chemotherarpy and developing more selective drugs. Several studies have suggested that from 40 percent to 80 percent of patients receiving chemotherapy suffer from mental fuzziness, memory loss and cognitive impairment.
I didn't have chemo, so I can't comment on chemo brain from personal experience. Has anyone read the articles in these two journals?

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And here I thought it was those platinum blonde hilights that are starting to grow in. Some people say it's grey hair, but I just KNOW it's platinum blonde... hmmm... maybe in light of this information I need to reconsider that...

Well, crud, maybe I'm not going blonde. Joy, you've ruined my day. At least I can claim "chemo brian" when I act like a California Blonde... oh... sorry, USAKAT. Present company excluded!

- SpongeBob

Disclaimer courtesy of SpongeBob's legal department: SpongeBob sincerely regrets his recent rant against blonde Californians. Indeed he sincerely likes blonde Californians and did not intend to insinuate a disparaging remark against them. SpongeBob's nationwide tour of apology and shame will begin on December 7th with a live interview by Pamela Anderson. After that he will enter a rehabilitation facility located on the beach in San Diego through the end of January.

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It was the merry-go-round!!


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Hummmm, so, what about BRUNETTES in California, Huh?????? We have been quoted as being the smartest gals in Glendale!!! ROFL!

Hugs, your adorable daughter!!!

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There has never been a doubt in my mind that chemo negatively effects the brain (and many other organs) but sometimes I think it is okay so we don't remember how shitty we felt while on it.

Lisa P.

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I was going to make a comment on this article but I forgot what it was! LOL!!! No, seriously, my once razor-sharp brain has definitely been battered by the five chemos I've had so far. Sometimes I feel like I have Alzheimer's. When I describe what I am going through my sister, who suffered serious brain injury 30 years ago, she said it lines up with what she has had to live with since her accident.... same sorts of memory problems and cognitive deficits. I hope it's all just temporary.

It's enough to make me talk to my oncs next week about quitting chemo.

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Hi, Joy.
I read that in the Star this morning, too, so I quickly turned to FYI and worked the Jumble puzzle. I felt reassured and confident once again. Then I got up to leave, forgot to leave a tip, left my hat by the restroom sink and when I got in the car, realized I also had left the paper where I was sitting....
I must have had fewer cells to lose.

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I am laughing out loud at your post!!!!!!!

Too funny!!! Thank you!!!

Lisa P.

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The GOOD news is, chemo treatments according to one medical source, do NOT increase the chance of alsheimers. Hummm, maybe they just blame the chemo brain....or maybe we forget to get any older...who knows? I am encouraged by the 'new' path of targeted chemotherapy...and 'evaluating each case' before gradually poisoning us...

That said, I have a brand-new head of hair, and my favorite trick is to seek out people that haven't seen me during treatment, and see if they recognize me....hehehehehe!

Hugs, Kathi

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