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Heart's good to go

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I saw the cardiologist that my oncs wanted me to see to help determine if the recent chest pains I've been having are either a) a toxic effect of the chemo; b) an actual heart problem, or c) something else.

The answer? C. According to the cardiologist I don't fit the profile for chemo toxicity of the heart and my stress test showed the heart to be in good condition. Next test would be a heart catheterization which is pretty invasive and he doesn't feel is warranted right now.

So what is causing the chest pain? He doesn't know. Guesses stress. Geez, ya think? I had cancer, I'm losing my job in a couple months and my son just landed in Kuwait on his way to Iraq.

Stress? What stress?

I guess I'm glad for his reasurance that it is "nothing," but he did add to keep him in mind if it gets worse. Same old same old. Might as well look on the bright side, eh?

Now I don't have an excuse for dropping the chemo... still thinking about it though and would request prayers from all you warriors out there on that decision.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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OH, dearheart! The mystery continues!!! Sigh! I have my 'flutter', and I can clear it by coughing. Nothing else to be done. My old age looms!

Stress IS a BIG factor, even in the healthy living of each day. I, too, react as "WHAT STRESS??? My daughter is in a mental facility, my mol called last week, insisting that my beau was dead (he was standing right in front of me), and on and on.....

My biggest secret is: MY body is the most important thing, and stress damages it. So, when someone tries to bring me down, I listen politely, do what needs to be done (like step up my visits to my daughter, poor thing!), and then find something to do that is FOR ME ONLY!!!

Part of living is dealing with bad situations. Thinking the best, although tough, is the shortest way to mental peace.

I am glad that it is 'nothing' clinically wrong, my dear, with your heart...now, go eat a piece of turkey for me!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Glad to hear that your heart is ok. That is a relief. Unfortunately you will likely have that feeling of whether or not to go on with the chemo each time you are going to have it. As you know, I stopped after 9 treatments but was certainly considering stopping long before that. As others said, whatever decision you make, and are comfortable with, is the right one.

Happy Thanksgiving, Dick

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Happy belated Thanksgiving, Patrusha. I'm sending prayers your way that you will make the decision that is best for you and your future.

I'm glad that the cardiologist determined that the chemo had not damaged your heart.



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hi patrusha,
glad to hear your heart is good. i have heart palpitations since chemo and am wondering what is causing them. so sick of doctors but i guess i will go to another one to get it checked. i too am considering stopping chemo, i have already been taken off the oxal. due to the neuropathy after only 5 sessions. time will tell.take care of yourself, cherri

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Hang in there sweetie. Stress can do many funny things to a body. I can remember a few agos when we were looking to move out of our townhouse into a house I was really stresses about finding a home and the affordability and started to have funny feelings in my chest and heart burn and went to my primary doc and my GI doc and it ended up being stress. Being associated with the fitness world, a lot of people have stated that Yoga is a GREAT stress reliever.

Sending hughes your way.

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