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Today was a good day

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My Duey surprised the heck out of me tonight,
If you knew him you would understand just how much this means to me. (he's not a person who show's affection) He told me he wanted to take me to dinner to say thank you for everything I have been doing for him (with his cancer and all)
While we were at dinner my son went out to the car to leave a over shirt in the car So he siad....He comes back in with a apple bag and say's this is from pop. I already started to cry at that point. He got me the newest ipod, which I thought was so awesome but then I saw on the back he had it inscribed then I really started to cry. He also told me if I want him to continue the Chemo and Radiation he will.
I love him so much and I know he knows that
I wish I could post a picture of it here for everyone to see what he wrote on the back. I will be posting a picture of it on myspace if you want to see it

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What a wonderful touching story! I am wishing the best for you and Duey. Thanks for sharing.



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Oh, This is so nice. It is always nice to be told that you are appreciated. Thanks for sharing this. HUGS to you, Duey and your son. It shows that he knows he is not alone in this journey.

Lisa F.

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Duey is wonderful!!! He sounds like such a special soul. So nice that he tells you how great you are. Cancer attacks everyone; caregivers go through so much.

Sounds like you are in this together; how can you not beat the cancer back!

Stay strong and tell Duey he is not alone; nor are you. Be well. jana

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That must have felt so good for you to know how much Duey appreciates you. Yes, indeed, it sounds like it was a good day.

God bless,


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If you gave me a choice between huey, duey or louie, Duey would get my vote! Bud

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