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life after sigmoid/rectal resection

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I wrote a few monthes ago, my husband seemed to have made a little progress but has now lost ground. He still has extreme pain during his prolonged trips to the bathroom, accompanied with rectal bleeding. I'm trying to convince him to get this checked out in case there is a problem. Any suggestions? Really appreciate your concern!

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Certainly I would call the doctor ASAP! Pain and bleeding are not normal, although I only had a Sigmoid resection. I would think any bleeding should not be taken lightly. If I were you I would call the doctor myself and not wait around for him to do it. You know how men are! Case in point, I have a young friend who reported to me a lump on his testicle. He was at the doctors office yesterday for something unrelated. The doctor asked if he had any other questions and concerns and he just stood there like "ummm" and did not tell him about the lump! He said he was too embarassed. Then he calls me and tells me he has had this lump since May and now it hurts!! I'm like "Why are yot telling ME?" So today I am making him go right back down to the doctors office (where he was yesterday!). So, PLEASE make your husband go back to the doctor!!
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I agree. You need to call either your regular doctor or the surgeon who did the resection. It is not good that he is still having pain and blood. It might be something minor but it is better to get it checked. Also I agree about the men need a little push sometimes. You should call the doctor and make an appt with him for your husband. Make it at a time that both of you can go. Tell him that is why you made it because you would like to go for moral support. Sugar coat it to make him not feel so bad about not calling. HUGS and some good vibes that it is nothing major.

Lisa F.

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