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Nutrition help needed

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I saw on this site last week, the Rave Diet. I am reading the book and am game to try it. But am a little confused, this diet has NO dairy, and no oils. I was expecting no meat, and a small amount of oil, but the no dairy is HARD. I tried the soy half and half in my coffee and the coffee didn't even turn colors. My husband is a stage IV colon guy with liver mets that arn't going away, but not growing. I truly feel that nutrition and supplements is key to his recovery. He has been on a supplemental program with macrobiotics and vitamins, but we haven't done well in the nutrition part (but have tried). Any ideas anyone? I know we should juice, but just haven't gotten our heads wrapped around that just yet.

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It may help to go to Dr. John McDougall's website and look around - www.drmcdougall.com. The rave diet sounds very much like what he preaches and he's had huge success with getting people off drugs (statins, high blood pressure, insulin, etc.). I've talked with him at length about my friend Mark and he has been very helpful. One of his giant success stories is the 20 year breast cancer survivor, Dr. Ruth Heidrich. I've also met her and picked her brain profusely. She went into remission following McDougall's plan. You can visit her site at www.ruthheidrich.com.

Cancer feeds off of cholesteral and the only things that contain cholesteral are animal products - that includes all dairy.

You don't need diary - much to the chagrin of the Dairy Assoc. who spends billions trying to convince us otherwise. It is high in protein (NOT a good thing), full of fat, lacks iron, is full of bovine leukemia, AIDS and puss cells. Those are just a few of the drawbacks. If you want the lowdown on dairy, check out T. Colin Campbell, a biochemical nutritionist who just finished an ongoing thirty year study about diet and disease. This man knows more than anyone on this topic. I've heard him lecture numerous times and diary will never be passing these lips again after what I heard. There are a lot of politics behind what we eat. Huge amounts of money are spent perpetuating the myth that we need milk for strong bones (the protein actually leaches calcium from them), vegetable protein is inferior to animal protein (McDougall finally got through to the American Medical Association who admitted that is not true), eggs are still good (the "three a week" advertising scam is just that - a SCAM. An egg yolk is 80% fat)... Doctors have next to zero knowledge about what food can do to prevent and even cure. They just treat the symptoms.

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Hi Sandy,
My mom is also stage lV with mets to adrenal gland and lymph nodes. No mets to liver or lungs. We get results today from PET that was done on Thursday. Anyhow, I am not sure if we are following the Rave diet-haven't researched that one yet, but plan too. What my mom does is drink high alkaline water(we purchased a machine) to keep her pH up. Also only eatting high alkaline foods. Lots of fruits and veggies. Most of my mom's protien comes from a drink my dad makes her. Soy, scoop of protien, half a banana all blended in blender. She drinks these usually 3 times a day. She does eat some meat but not very much. Also, they juice 5 times a day-all kinds of juices- and they add kyo green to all the juices. She is taking some vitamins, I think B-6 and iron?? She is also doing the Zango cancer program. I have heard that this is a scam, but some dear friends of ours have donated all the cases to her. I don't think it can hurt. Before she started eatting this way, her blood work was always a wreck. Once we started her on this program, her blood work has been perfect and she feels very good. She has not lost any weight either. Anyhow, don't know if this will help or not, but this is what we do. Can't wait to see what others are doing. Good luck,
Valerie C

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P.S. I know no dairy or oil sounds radical but being on drugs is radical, too. The more you learn about why we've been told the things we have, i.e., the lies, you will find giving this up a cinch. For me I think of who my dollars would support if I were to spend it on milk - 1) a system that is destroying our environment (rain forests now being plowed to make room for grazing cows), 2) the continued torture of animals (cows are not "happy" - they are given drugs to speed up the milk process, spend much time sick with infections - MOST of the antibiotics in this country are used for cattle), 3) endangering our health with allergies, asthma, fat, poisons, etc. I hope you can find the info you need from visiting the links I suggested.

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Thanks, I went to the McDougal site and it is easier to understand (and follow) than the rave. I needed that pep talk.

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hi sandy,

Macrobiotics and supplements were a part of my cancer healing protocol along with juicing and many other things (Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, detoxing, coffee enemas etc etc).

I had not eaten dairy (except for butter or ghee on occasion) for over 23 years. You get used to it! And I'm originally from wisconsin--home of the cheese heads! :-)

I looked up the Rave Diet too after nanuk mentioned it. It sounded good, but anything that focuses on larger amounts of veggies is always a great place to start.

When I was first dx'ed with Stage 3 colon cancer I went vegan (NO animal products at all) and started juicing at least 3 quarts of carrot juice a day and took a ton of supplements (too many to list here, but i have one if you're interested). I mixed macro vegan eating with the juicing because I wanted to cover all my bases. But the focus was staying alkalized and avoiding acid foods. Cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment so that is where i wanted to be.

There is also the Raw Diet www.hhacres.com and the author of that cured his colon cancer with raw foods.

The other important factor besides the alkaline/acid balance is eating LIVE ENZYMES. You can only get these from raw foods and they are the building blocks of health. Getting live enzymes is imperative when one's health has been compromised with cancer. Cooking kills off most of the enzymes therefore my juicing was so important for me while I did eat cooked grains (whole only) and steamed veggies.

I now eat wild alaskan salmon but still juice daily even after being cancer free for 5 years--having NEVER done any chemo.

I do use oil daily--FLAX OIL. This goes in my smoothies or over my salad or steamed veggies. I try to get some kind of flax every day. I put flax seeds in my carrot juice for fiber which is important too.

I hope this helps.

Do you have these books?

Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Dr. Patrick Quillin
A Cancer Battle Plan by anne Frahm
The Gerson Therapy by Charlotte Gerson
The Cancer Prevention Diet by Michio Kushi
the Maker's Diet by Dr. Jordan Ruben
Spontaneous Healing by Dr. Andrew Weil

peace, emily who remains orange to this day

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