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To quote a movie: 'Everyone should have a porn name"....

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So, I watched the movie about a breast cancer mastectomy survivor, and, during her conversations in the treatment room, she met a gal that stated that 'Everyone should have a porn name! It should be the name of your first pet, and the street you live on'...so, here goes....

Mine would be "Zippy Baseline"....

How about YOURS??????

Hugs, Kathi

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I watched this movie yesterday also on TV and was horrified that they were giving chocolate and cakes to chemo patients. Cancer cells feed on sugar. It is the worst food that can be given to cancer patients. I know it is a movie but I have heard that they are doing it in real life also.... It is just like they want to make sure these people would come back to get more chemo.

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Hi Kathi,

My first pet was a black cocker spaniel named Lady!


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Oops! I forgot to include the street: Orchard!

So it would be Lady Orchard

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Geez, I don't think that works for me. My first pet was a cat named Tom. That would make me Tom Colorado. How about one of my current pets? My bunny is named Snuggles. That's a little better. Snuggles Colorado.


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I watched that movie too.. I thought it was really good. My name would be Ricky Hill...lol


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I guess if I were a male porn star it would be Theodore Ranier. Doesn't sound very sexy. Wouldn't you just be Naked Dancer?


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Joined: Mar 2006

I watched that too! My name would be Diablo Del Campo!

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Mine would be King Robert
Our first dog was a german shepard name King and we lived on a street called Robert st. Not very sexy for a female.

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O.K. Mine would be Blanco Midland.
Doesn't do much for me!!!!! How about my current dog-German Shepherd named Diablo..
So that would make me Diablo de Midland?? The devil of Midlind. Don't know if that is any better.
You guys are great-you make me smile & LOL.
Valerie C

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OK.....Skipper Train signing in.



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Ms. Gilda Port here.........

Mary ;-)

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Mine would be ... Daisy Vidales .
Take Care

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Here goes.. Sammy Brent...

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Mine is just as "non-sexy" as others. Either Tiger Hartranft or Stripes Hartranft. I guess the first one is better then nothing? LOL.

Lisa F.

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Kathi -

What a fun question -

My porn name is "Lady Summer"!

Lady (aka betsydoglover) Summer

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My gorgeous Mainecoon kitty boy is named Samuel T. Growltiger...

So Sammy Vista, Tunabreath Vista or my favorite - Growltiger Vista



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mine would be Isabel Rock Creek Dairy (porn?????). I won't go there since no one else has. Where's Elaine and George when you need them!!!!!!

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