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Hello everyone!

I have to tell you all about the wonderful surprise everyone here had for me in Halifax...

Lisa Rose & scouty arranged with one of my sisters to get some pictures of me from baby to now. (UGH! Love those hairstyles!) And, are you ready for this? They have been the only ones to get me to shed some tears throughout my whole experience. THAT, my friends, is POWERFUL!

We have started to talk about the next Palooza. We threw out new locations, that we never considered in the past. Places that will offer new things for people to do.

I realize that a previous post threw everyone into a tail spin. I personally was shocked that someone could even think for a minute that I could forget how it felt to be a stage 4. That could not be further from the truth...THAT was offensive. I made sure I avoided personal digs on anybody and everybody in my post, but others didn't offer that same courtesy. I will say this again....just because I am "cured" doesn't mean that

(a) I don't worry about it coming back;
(b) That I don't worry right along with my friends who are still active in the battle; and
(c) That I am committed to increasing awareness in addition to strengthening the bonds of friendships I have established through this site.

So in the end, there are no restrictions regarding who can have a party. Last time I checked, it's a free world. But in doing so, do not down play the hard work that has gone into the planning of Paloozas in the past, and that will go into planning them in the future.

Take care everyone....AND I MEAN EVERYONE!


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thank you stacy....

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Good reply.....thanks


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Hi Stacy sweetie.

Your post prompted me to go back,find and read the post in question. And that's pretty good. I am one of those people that haven't posted in ages. Probably most of the newbies don't even know who I am.

I'm sure this is just one of those things that got out of hand, unfortunately.

I personally, have not attended any of the palooza's. With a heavy heart I say that. I SO wanted to go to each and every one! ( although, truth be told, I was a bit scared of the first one with SpongeBob! hehe. just kidding, buddy)

I had one thing or another standing in my way. And we understand that. It's unfortunate, but it's life.

I stand up and applaud the organizers of the palooza's. This is NO small feat!!! And , if I am not mistaken, these are more than just a few people being in the same town for a couple of nights. This is about friends sharing their war stories, love of life and pure friendship build up over time and circumstances of cancer.

There are no secret groups or rules. But, as others have stated, there needs to be organization. And those who have attended know the ropes. ( and here's another THANK YOU to all those involved in these wonderful get togethers!!) Someday, I WILL be raising a glass with you.

On a personal note,Stacy please accept my belated, but, oh so loving congratualtions on your 5 year mark. You are a true inspiration and friend. God bless.

I'm done. Except this:



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I couldn't find the post in question but I know I feel very good to read the stories of survival. I will be very happy if I get to be one of the long term survivors. Even though I could also have another recurrance, being able to see that people like you and the others with Stage 4 are doing well and NED will always give me hope. I wish that I could be there and hope to make it to one of the upcoming Paloozas. I'll toast to you here (able to drink cold liquids this weekend, next oxy on Monday).

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Hello Stacy,

I am so happy you are having a good time at the Palooza. I appreciate so much that all who make these trips are kind enough to share with the rest of us.I hope this will be the best trip ever.
Stay sweet, I hope you can feel the love for you on this Board.

Blessings to you,

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Having read quite a few posts about Palooza's I feel a need to comment here.Some here may not be aware that I have been posting since approx. late 2003.The love, support and friendships made here prompted(with much pressure...lol!) Jen and I to fly all the way from Australia to attend the Austin Palooza. I would suggest that my ego probably needs a kick in the butt here....but...we went to Austin not for a holiday, but to meet some very special people. It is something I "needed" to do.We have much respect and gratitude to Kerry and Merriman for welcoming us into their home for part of the stay.We also know that Kerry and Kay together made our stay very enjoyable as did all the others attending. Kay helped us with travelling around Austin and also arranged a party at her home(which included a birthday party for me...you are a sweetie gal). Susanchilli and her hubby JR welcomed us into their home for our last evening meal and we had a wonderfull time....amazing for people who had never met.And we got to meet all the wonderfull guys n gals at the American Cancer Society.
International travel for only 10 days is no mean feat and was extremely tiring for us both.Around 26-30 hours each way...but the journey was worth every tiring moment.Jen and I saw first hand the incredible effort that a Palooza host needs to put in.The amazing thing is that Kerry was still doing chemo while organising the palooza.I admit that throughout our stay I was probably a bit of a "quiet type" and not entirely up to partying but the travel really got to and I suffered somewhat from sleep deprivation....jet lag...grrrrrrr!Nonetheless I tried to make the most of our stay.
There was a comment on a post that it seemed some who attend the palooza's do not seem to post often here on CSN. I guess one could single me out for that and in fact I will not challenge that comment personally except to say;
For 3 years I posted here "very" regularly and I think others can vouch for me.However since returning from our trip to Austin and the fact that I am NED and need to catch up on many "everyday life" affairs I am unable to post as often as I would like.There are emails from our palooza friends that go around but I think that would be only natural after travelling so far to meet them.I email and talk to many others on CSN that I have never met also.There are "sadly" many,many new people here that do not know me and as someone said the topics pass very quickly here with so many joining us with this horrid disease.I come here as often as I can and try to offer advice but it is difficult to keep up with all posts and indeed individual history's....but I try.
Many here will also know that when I was dealing with my cancer I spent many hours on here posting....during the night time when I could not sleep.Fortunately my sleep problems are almost behind me and so consequently I have little daylight time to be here. I am back to working or spending daylight hours working or doing the normal stuff(like housework...lol!)
I don't think there is an "exclusive" group so to speak but do think it only natural that those fortunate enough to attend a would keep in contact. That would in some ways seem to be exclusive. In fact prior to leaving for Austin I made contact via email to some who post here that lived close to Austin or were on our travel route to try and catch up with them. Debralla was one and Jen and I were very fortunate to travel to San Antonio to meet her(thanks to Kerry).We also were happy to meet JADot(Ying) on our stopover in San Francisco. Unfortunately that was on our return home and I took ill which shortened our time with Ying.
What I am essentially trying to say here is;
Palooza's need much planning and someone willing to spend the time to keep everyone together for the event.In our case we appreciated the effort of Kerry, Lisa, Andy,Scouty and Kay for their efforts to make us feel welcome and ensure we never had a moment to feel alone.We also had some enjoyable quality time with Linda and Sue.Meeting Jerseysue, Bud, Jana and everyone involved will live with us forever.
The event is not an exlusive one....far from it.
We didn't travel 1,000's of miles for a holiday...we did it to meet wonderfull people who "helped me" get thru my "bad times".
We are gratefull...extremely so, to have been able to be with them!
Final message.....I know all sorts of personal reasons prohibit people attending....finance probably one of the biggest isuues...BUT...if you can go then DO IT!You will not be sorry!
huggs all....Kanga n Jen

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Thanks Ross. A very heart felt warm reply.


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Thank you Kerry.We also understand that for various reasons some of the "long term....old timers", so to speak, do not post as often as in the past.However, I do think it is extremely important for those like me who are NED at the moment to drop in as often as possible if only to help encourage others that this horrible thing can be beaten.Jen and I are always aware that others including you Kerry are still battling the tough stuff. I know that you have been having a hard time with chemo and we both hope like hell that things will improve for you.We have been awol from home these past 2 weeks.1 week for a holiday break and the past 5 days on the road travelling for Jen's job.We had over 40 bushfires here in south oz and that kept her busy.I have also just joined the regional communications unit for firefighting as a volunteer....another time consumer but a worthy cause.
Be as well as you can Kerry, Ross n Jen

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