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prostate cancer at 35?

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Joined: Jun 2006

hey there all..looking for help..im 35 been dealing with pain for years..testicle,groin and right abdominal..psa been rising last 3 years from.50 to.90 to 1.47 this year..they tell me its prostatitis..could it be cancer..cant get a biopsy done by anyone.been to 2 uroligists..the second one now tells me if my psa goes over 2 then he will do a biopsy..my dre was normal,had a cystoscopy,bone scan,5 ct scans in last 3 years,mri of lumbar spine and ultra sound of testicles and abdominal.i really feel like its cancer.wanted to hear some of the signs from people dealing with this..i have constant dribbling constant righ side abdominal pain,and just a different feeling when having sex.like somethings not right.had every blood test imaginable and urine never shows anything..oh yea i passed a kidney stone also..ouch..please help me anyone

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Hi there

Many of the people I know who have prostatic cancer that has not yet reached the bones, when it does hurt, feel no pain.

My PC was very aggresive and well advanced and all I felt was the need to urinate regularly. No pain.
Your psa is rising which could be significant for the future and must be watched carefully. However your type of pain which I had about the same age as you was caused by a back problem;although I did not have dribbling.

Your problem sounds to be something other than cancer. Have you tried an osteopath and see what their diagnosis is?

I hope your pain improves; 35 is too young not to be enjoying a pain free life and sex.

Best wishes

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Joined: Jun 2006

well i wasent feeling good this week and went back to uroligist and had another psa and psa free and it was perfect..my psa was 0.50,and my free was perfect..and another ct scan to see if i have more kidney stones and of course nothing showed up..thx to all who respond.i am open to anything to help me.thx jay

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At 53, my PSA went up to approx. 20. No pain, or any other problems. Glad to see you went back and numbers were good. I do know that back problems can be a *****. Best of luck. YOu will be OK

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