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Complimentary/Alternative Medicine

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This is the most comrehensive and informative site I have ever seen; the writer/creator of the site is a colon cancer patient, and created the site at the request of his nurses/medical staff.
Any cancer patient who has been overwhelmed by the amount of information on the Web and it's lack of organization will benefit from this site. (my opinion) Your feedback please.. Bud


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Now that is a great find Bud. Obviously I have not had a chance yet to review all the pages but will certainly do so. Thanks for posting mate. I think it will be a worthy read and full of much usefull info for all here.
cheers, Ross n Jen

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This is a great site. Very informative. I saved it into my "favorites" file. Thanks for sharing the site!!!


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Wow, Bud.....what a site!
And just after a PBS special on the subjest of integrated medicine.
I added to my favs, too.....I was one of the rare ones, it seems, 5FU and radiation zapped my tumor completely....but the sides!!!!
Oh, well, thanks again.....and for the suggestion...NOT a hype!

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The site is very comprehensive and well organised. And the great thing is he is not promoting anything in a commercial way. he appears to have done it as a good guy to help others. Great stuff


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