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Went home to be with the Lord

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I am sorry I never came back on this site to let you all know that my little brother; Jesper Sorensen (29 yrs old)that had small cell in the colon passed away on Aug 11,2005 my only peace I have with this is knowing he received the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior and went home with him...The battle was only for 8 months with the cancer, but the Lord is faithful...He opened my brothers eyes before he left...so Praise the LORD!!!!!!!Thank you all for allowing me to come to you when I needed help. You know who you are...may God Bless you!!!


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Maria -

Thank you for coming back and giving us all closure. I am sad to know we have lost yet another young life to this disease, but I know, as do you, that Jasper is in a much better place without pain or suffering.

Be well.

God bless

- SpongeBob

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I am so sorry to hear about your brother. Jesper(Jasper?) was too young to be taken.

I take solice in the knowing when my time is up, that I too, will be with my Lord. No more suffering, No more pain.

May God grant you and your family strength and peace to come to terms with his passing.

My good friend lost her mom, this past weekend, to this dreaded disease.

His spirit lives while the flesh is gone.

All my love,


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Dear Maria...isn't it a wonderfull thing to know that there will be a time when you will be reunited with your loving brother. We all have a destiny on this world and a time chosen for us to leave it. Our memories of our loved ones who have passed console us until our destiny is fullfilled.I truly believe that your dear brother is now at peace and in the loving arms of all our dear friends and loved ones who have also been summoned.
Sincerely, Ross and Jen

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Maria - I am so sorry to hear about your younger brother. He was so young and had such a short fight. I hope you can take comfort in the fact that he has gone "home".

God bless you.


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