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12 yr survior of AML

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To everyone who is going through chemo- my prayers are with you. I am a survivor and have been recoverd for 11 soon to be 12 years!!! I was 25 when i was diagnosed. All I can say is keep a positive mind and keep up the prayers. I even have a 6 year old very healthy little girl. I havent had to even have bone marrow test in 8 yrs. I just go to my primary for blood work. Again I will keep you all in my prayers and God bless you all and good luck!!

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Thanks so much for the message of hope. Wow, 12 years is such a long time, you should be so proud! It's really nice to hear a success story. Thanks for sharing and for the prayers and good wishes!

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Wow 12 years that is wonderful. What was your AML subtype? M0, M1, M2, M3 or M4. Pamela

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Thank you so much for that message. I just joined here today, and I really liked hearing your sucess story. Great job on your remission and having a child. Even Though I am only 14 years old. I was diagnosed with Leukemia when I was three years old. I did however, get into remission, as you once did and have been in it for 10 years. And to everyone, Keep up the faith. You can beat cancer if you think you can. =].

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Congratulations. I found out 6 monhs ago I have CLL. It's good to hear of successes like yours. Stay healthly and God bless.


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A really big congrats on the survival!! I was diagnosed with AML in Aug of 1979, at the age of 13. I saw 3 years of chemo and heard a lot of negative words when it came to my life expectancy. Well, I guess the stats were a little off for all of us who have written to you and for you as well. Keep up the cancer free life, and the good outlook. It means more than you know. I just went through my first year of breast cancer, and if the worst they can do is to take my hair and a boob, and induce some nausea, well they haven't got a chance of taking me down. Keep up the spirits everyone, it is worth it!!! Good luck to all, and for those who believe, God Bless. For those who don't, I hope I did not offend.

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I TOO am an AML SURVIVOR and have been in remission for THREE years! Don't EVER let anyone tell you what your "life expectancy" is. YOU decide FOR them. I was given a 40% chance of getting past year one without a relapse. Three years later at age 46 I am free of it ALL and enjoying life again. Be strong and remember that you aren't alone. Not by a long shot!

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