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RESULTS are in!

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Hello everyone,

I was class IV colon cancer liver metastasized 2002. I had colectomy and liver resection (60% removed)
I was on two types of chemo over a period of one year.Diagnosed in clinical remission August 2003. I had my two year check last week and I remain in clinical remission.
I commit to another year of liver friendly diet and natural juice. I love these wonderful NED results.

I enjoy reading post from everyone and wish you all the best.

Blessings to you,

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Congrats Jean!

So happy for you....Woohooo!!!!! And thanks for pposting your great results. It means the world to a fellow stage IV survivor.


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Congratulations Jean. So many stage 4's are doing so great I think a medal should be struck!!!
Well done gal!!!
kanga n Jen

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Congrats on your NED! I LOVE hearing success stories. I, too, am concentrating on nutrition, which is especially important for me with my liver disease (NASH) and diabetes. Can you give me more specifics on eating foods healthy for your liver? I know that my liver flares up terribly in response to sugar and white flour or other high-glycemic foods. Not sure about fats - I went 2 years with low-fat diet - no more than 10 grams of unsaturated fat daily, but my liver didn't get one tiny bit better and liver enzymes were even a little higher than when I started. On the other hand, when I eliminated refined sugar and flour for one year, my liver enzymes returned to NORMAL for the first time in 4 years. Does this agree with what you're trying to do with foods beneficial to your liver?


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Hello BB (HisJoy)

This is what I do for Liver nutrition. I know it has helped me.
Natural fresh juice(carrot, beet, apple, parsley & celery are best.
Raw fruit and vegetables, cruciferous & dark bright colors. I do steam and bake also.
fresh nuts almonds, brazil and walnuts.
Flax seed,sunflower and pumpkin.
alfalfa, bean, wheat grass sprouts.wheat germ.
free range eggs, small servings of meat ( 3oz)
free range chicken, sea food. (do not eat raw fish, smoked or fried foods.) olive, sunflower & canola oil.
grains are brown rice, oats, stone ground wheat millet and spelt.
soy milk, almond milk,rice milk.
purified warer, green tea.
corn and peanuts (can have mold)
dairy, all
whites( flour, refined sugar,artificial sweetner,rice and potatoes) anything which comes in a package. NO PROCESSED FOOD!

If I do not feel well, or have tenderness in my back I feel better if I just juice. I also try to stay with fruit and vegetables which are low glycemic.With exception carrot and beet which are high glycemic 60 and greater, because they are best for liver function. This is what my oncology surgeon ask me to follow.
I hope this helps, and please forgive me for the order and typing.

Blessings to you,

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GREAT RESULTS...... hope many many more years of the same

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That's GREAT!! Here's to many more years of NED. Mike

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I am so happy for you! All of this wonderful news gives so much hope! Wonderful of you to share!

Now, STAY HEALTHY!!!!!!!


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I'm always so happy to read survivor stories it gives the rest of us hope. I am so happy for you and wish you tons of health and happiness......... Doreen

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Well you sure know how to make me feel good! I appreciate so much all the good wishes and that you responded to my post.

Blessings to you,

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Congrat. on your continuing NED. Happy to hear a stage 4 survivior doing so well. Livin

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