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Hi to my dear friends,

Inhale, exhale is pretty much what I keep telling myself today. A little history for those that don't know, for those that do, fast forward to the next paragraph. Dx March 04' rectal cancer with 2 known mets to 2 different lobes of my liver (confirmed by biopsy) and 1 to my left lung (never confirmed). Surgery was not an option so I did 8 months of chemo (Oxiliplatin, Leucovorcin, Avastin and the 46 hour drip of 5FU). Chemo was really wrecking my brain and my spirit. In the meantime, I starting listening to our favorite Emily (2bhealed) and read and researched lots. I found a local naturopathic doctor (PhD in clinical nutrition) and chose to stop chemo and completely changed my diet and ultimately my lifestyle in Nov of 04. Surgery was still not an option and all the tumors had shrunk at first but were stagnanted then. My only choices were continue with the horrid chemo or make other changes so I chose the latter. I juice and only eat natural and organic "things". I also do some vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements. All natural, no medicines. The only caffeine I get is from natural chocolate and green tea. I do drink a beer or two on occasion and could not kick one nasty habit, smoking. I cut way back but that is another story. My last testing in April of this year showed my lung tumor was basically healing, my 2 liver tumors were changing and trying to heal, but they were still there (I saw them). My bootie tumor was not mentioned and quite honestly, I didn't ask about it. It was not bothering me and the concern was always the liver mets. That is what could kill me.

I went back today and got something I never ever thought I would hear.....NED (no evidence of disease). I was totally caught off guard and had to ask my 2 oncs to repeat it several times. I asked loads of questions and then saw the CT scans myself (the before and after shots). It was so wonderful to see the change of the organs in 16 months. My lungs are clean as is my liver. I have a colostomy bag (from a near fatal bout of acute perontinitis and it's subsequent very nasty infection caused by my rectal tumor). I am very guarded about my bootie tumor since I thinkg the "bag" can impact the CT results, so we are doing a flex sig first thing monday morning to see how that bad boy is behaving.

AND then we might be able to talk about reversing my bag!!!!!!!

I don't want to get too excited, but having a clean liver and lungs is huge to me. My lymph nodes have never shown any oddities, so my oncs were just beside themselves today. I must admit, it was the most fun I have had in a doctors office in 2 years!!!!!!!!

On my 60 mile drive home after my appt (mostly on good ole country roads where a cell phone does not work) I listened to a few good tunes, thanked God multiple times, cried, laughed, but mostly looked to the sky and thought of my family, friends, and all of you (my loved ones). Not just the ones with us today, but the ones that were here with us yesterday too. It was a very special day. I just had to share.

I only have a half million phone calls left to make and my phones are recharging so I will stop now (bet you are glad).


Like Emily, I love you all too but mostly today, I thank you, my esteemed friends.

Lisa P.

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Lisa, that is just wonderful, mindblowing, fabulous, inspirational news!!!! I'm with you, inhale, exhale. I can't wait for Emily's response!



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Me either Ellie.

Thank you so much. I am still a little numb and am very curious about Monday but for the first time I don't have to worry so much about my liver. It feels wonderful and the coolest thing is that Spongebob, his Mom and Aunt along with Assp are coming for dinner at my house this Sunday late afternoon. Local contacts kinds of things planned for last weekend but a hurricance prevented that so....anyone wanting a phone call to hear the voices of us folk, send me an email. In the meantime, trust me, we will celebrate for me, for you and for everyone else. I am really starting to believe in postive energy and what it can do for you. Our lord knows, I have lived on it for the last 2 years!!!!!!!!!

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Don't you just love Ned? Such a hunk! I have a huge crush on him--always have. Before I met Neddy my life was an empty meaningless void. Limbo is the first circle of Hell and he took me by the hand to lead me away from the edge of the abyss.
Aspaysia, who can't wait to see your happy face.

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Sponge Bob and Assp in the same room together? Wish I was a fly on the wall..give us the funny feedback.. Bud

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Sponge and Assp in the same room? Wish I was the fly on the wall..report all funny feedback please.. Bud

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What an amazing story! Excellent news!

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Thanks Howard!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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This is fantastic news, I am happy for you! Relax now, and enjoy all of this. I hope you can have your bag reversed. I know whenever I got mine reversed it was wonderful. Good luck, and God bless.


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Lisa Girl.


I am so happy for you. Couldn't have happened to a nicer gal.

So, when you come down off your high, give us some nutrition details. We all want your results!!

I hope you have a fantastic time with Sponge,Assp, and Sponges' relatives. Sounds like a perfect time to celebrate.

Monday will be equally good news. POSITIVE !!!

All my love,


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What exciting news. I'm so happy for you. You are truly an inspiration. Congratulations and enjoy the celebration.

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That is awesome...so very happy for you...you must be beyond ecstatic...on cloud 99. Congratulations : )

And truly an inspiration for myself and other Stage IV people.

Yahoooo!!! Woot Woot!!!

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I am overjoyed!

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That is great news! Have a wonderful time celebrating!

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Whoa!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE. Wow, I might just start juicing up. I am sooooo happy for you. That is so amazing.

When the high mellows out a little; please do post some of your great healing recipes. But don't let the high come back all the way down. Continue your life at a higher level, you deserve it. Keep you head in the clouds, just a bit.

Stay well and NED!!! jana

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Well honey since we already celebrated on the phone with happy dances and high fives you KNOW how very very very happy I am for you!!

I wonder how many are gonna finally head out and buy those juicers now, eh??

You have some testimony girlfriend!!



peace, emily who is in the process of using white strips on her orange teeth! (it's working thank God)

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So happy-happy for you. And so into spreading the news of "good health through nutrition"!!!
Go Girl......
Much love,

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Congratulations! And thank you for a story that is so amazingly inspiring. Stories like this help us that are still in the early stages of our struggle. And, of course, best of luck on Monday and then the future!


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COngratulations on the good news! I'm very happy for you. Enjoy!

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Wow! This is fabulous! This truly gives inspiration to me starting out on this journey. i have to admit though, that i am truly scared to not go on chemo. but if you can share your nutrition details, i will try this as well. i have my surgery for stage 3 rectal cancer in 4 weeks and am still in shock and fear daily from my diagnosis, even after finishing 6 weeks of chemo and radiation (i was off the Xeloda for over half of it though because of low WBC counts). I am so happy to read great news!

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Praise God! I am so very happy for you. I can imagine how you are feeling.
I have been on diet very much like what you describe since May 2002.I did surgery, and chemo.I go for my Pet scan and CT scans in August,
I have been in clinical remission since Aug. 2003.
It is so wonderful to read a post from some one like you.

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So wonderfull to hear the good news sweetie. When I phoned you Jen saw the reaction on my face and she thought I had bad news until I told her why I had the tears flowing. Ok, all you guys n gals...'ol kanga's a real softy...but sometimes it is good to get emotional for a good reason too. I was really worried about you Lisa and when I got Bea's message it made my day!
I have never met you babe...wish I could...but you have the guts and fortitude to "beat tha livin daylights outa this !@#@&*$$ disease!!!!" (scusey for swearin')
Monday will also be a good day too sweetie....I know it will.
We love you so much Lisa......hold tight that rainbow!!
AND.....make sure you have 2 extra glasses of juice on the table sunday evening my gal!

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lisa i could not be more happy for you. i share in your joy. raise a glass of juice for me. take care.


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I am thrilled for you. What a great reason to celebrate!!!!!


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Congrats, Congrats, Congrats!!! You are truely an inspiration. I admire your attitude and courage. You are truely a success story and I wish you well...
God Bless,

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Lisa, How WONDERFUL! As a survivor of colon cancer, I am REALLY interested in your diet - recipes - that kind of thing. Also, with the juice thing - wondering if that is safe for diabetics? I have been told not to drink juice, as it is concentrated carbs and not good for blood glucose. Let me ask you - do you ever break down and eat a PIZZA or something like that? I'm still in chemo, and it sounds just like what you got. I am on treatment 10 this Tues and then will finish up the week after Labor Day. Side effects are minimal, so I will complete the chemo, but then want to continue with alternative treatment to keep recurrence away. Please let me know some of your diet tips!
Bonny (HisJoy)

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I am very happy for you I have sll and I am trying the natural also but i still see the doctor i am really thinkimg about seeing an ND also.I am on a wait and see treatment. If anyone knows of a good ND in New York please let me know or if your ND knows of one. I am doing alot of Juicing

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Lisa, what wonderful news! I'm very happy for you.

Call me chicken, but I am afraid not to go the chemo route. Still, I'd love to hear more details about your diet. Can't hurt to attack this thing in multiple ways. And, my appetite has changed so much since my surgery that it's as good a time as any to change the way I eat.


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"herbal cigarettes" ???

Oh honey, those are what Asp smokes and the herb? well.....does cannabis ring a bell??

haha just kidding

peace, emily who just couldn't let that one slide. :-)

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Lisa!!!! Hooray!!!!!

What more can I say, than I am SO VERY HAPPY for you. I can't wait for the big hugs in LV. Monday will be a GREAT day also.

Love you kiddo,


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Absolutely awesome news....the very best 3 letters in the english language are NED...yahoo-whooho and many other assorted cheers.

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Fabulous news to read as I return to this site after a break- couldn't ask for a better rewlecome than that. You know I often play devils advocate to the juicers on this site to ensure taht a good balanced message gets across (and because I can't ever quite stop being a doctor totally!) but I am so pleased you have had such a fabulous result following what I know was an incredibly difficult and soul searching decision to say no to chemo.
I hope you enjoy this high- you have really earned it- thank you for sharing it with us too,

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Nana b
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Love this story. Hello Scouty if you are out there, I'm sure you are.  Miss you and 2bhealed. 

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