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i would like to talk about brain cancer

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Joined: Jan 2005

my mother is suffering from brain cancer and i would like to talk about how i am feeling and coping

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Joined: Oct 2003

I am sorry to hear about your mom. What kind of brain cancer is it and how old is she?

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Joined: Jan 2005

My mother is also the one going through the heartache of Brain Cancer. I am looking for someone who is willing to give some insight to what my mother may be feeling. She tends to replace the truth with humor and does not want to scare us with the actual diagnosis or treatments or feelings. Sometimes it's hard to see her and not know what to say or do. I don't know what she needs from me.

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Joined: Oct 2003

My husband has brain cancer and I think, from caring for him, that your mom would want you to honor her wishes...when she wants to talk, she will. When she doesn't, don't try to force her. Just let her know that you are there for her, for whatever she might need, whenever...but let her chose her own destiny...it is the only control she has right now. Her decisions may not be what you would want for her, but this isn't about what you want...it is about what she wants.

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my mom also has brain cancer. originally started in her lungs, now spread to brain and spine. i do whatever i can for her and take each day as though it was her last. tell her i love her every day. confusion is starting to set in. she takes iressa. it is the last resort. went through surgery, radiation, chemo. had spread to the left side of her brain, now it developed on the right. she had radiation on the left side. does anyone know if the right side can now be radiated? also, anyone that is taking iressa or know someone who is, what about appetite loss. my mom is losing so much weight.

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I am a brain cancer suriver, and I think nanc is right to some extent, but they have to talk. dont let her hold it all in, it just makes her depressed

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Joined: Apr 2005

My mom was diagnosed with GBM4 Jan 26,2005. She just came home from thew hospital, after a three week stay. They had to take her off radiation because of necrosis, and she was not strong enough for Temadar, as planned. We had been told that she would have 2-3 years [why do doctors do that?]. She is now under the care of Hospice in my home. I agree about letting her have the control; but, this is so tough as she will not take her dilantin or decadron, water, or food. But I had promised her that I would let her go when she wanted.

When I read [over and over again] that GBM was the most "horrible" of diseases, I had no idea.

Fortunately we [including Mom] have a lot of faith, including my 9 year old daughter...but there is no getting around it, it is tough.


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I agree with what you said... I think being open is good... I ask my husband if he would rather I not talk about his cancer diagnosis, and I told him if I was ever talking to much just to let me know... We both have C. I like to share positive news that I mostly get from here and the chat room from survivors.... God decides not the Dr. We just hope to have good Drs..

Liz Jacobson
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Joined: Oct 2010

Thank you for saying that, I am taking care of my 28 yr son, I am going through this very thing, your right, it is about what he wants. Great advice

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Joined: Sep 2009

My niece was diagnosed with brain C. at age 33...She had surgery, chemo, radiation, etc. She did fine for 10 yrs. I was very shocked when it came back...She had all the same treatment all over again, but this time we had to accept the reality that the treatment was not working.
She was at peace toward the end... She did get paralyzed on her left side...She did not suffer. She was a beautiful person, and lived a healthy lifestyle...Sept. 22 I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, and Sept. 28 husband diagnosed with Lung C.... I think Miracles do happen...My niece had TEN good yrs after the first round...Hang in there....I just always showed Joy a lot of love & compassion during the last round...She always appreciated that.

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Joined: Oct 2009

Dear Friends,

The truth is none of this is easy, life is not easy. We have three children, my husband was in the USN, and was exposed to radiation in the Navy. Which, gave him thyroid cancer, and gave him lung,bone, and brain, etc.

The truth is he is amazing, our Father is amazing. We have lost so much, we have had to fight the military over and over again for his benefits. He served our country for over 20 years!

What I really know is you need faith, that is all we have our faith! (in the depth of it of it all, the ocean of sorrow, that is it FAITH, GOD WILL NOT LEAVE YOU! I tell my husband this all the time! The one promise I can make, the ONE PROMISE MY FATHER give's us all! Eternal life, We take comfort in John:3:16. The Power of the PROMISE! THE POWER OF FAITH! The POWER OF PRAYER!

My children are young still in school, and dealing with all of this, rolling with the punches, and the punches are really hard.

My husband is part of God's bigger plan.

Embrace it, their are lesson's to be learned from this! Not only for your family, but for others.

We will all be going to a greater place, find your blessing.

Cancer it is truly an awful thing, and it is hard to see the love of your life, your soul mate suffer, I love him, and I know GOD LOVES HIM MORE!

May peace be with you.

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