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colonscopy done

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Okay, first off, the pills that I took were a much easier prep for me. You take a total of 28 pills and get the same effects but it was easier for me than the liquid, and there was no enema, just dulcolax before bed to finish the job.

Now for the results. This is the first colonscopy after my resection. They found two polyps, One near the rectum that was 5mm and it was retrieved with success. The second was in the tranverse colon. It sas 20mm and was well hidden. The dr said that she didnt see it until she was on the way out and had to keep poking at it. She could only remove part. The tissue has been send to pathology with results in 5 to 7 days. The said theyw ere sessile, non bleeding polyps and smooth. Her thinking is that they are non malignant but we cant be sure until the results come in. In any event, if they are not malignant, I have to have the colonoscopy again in three months to see what is going on.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Have you ever heard of this and of course, my number one question is do you think with your experiences, they are cancer? I feel good that the dr said what she said, but again, she told me this was just her guess,..

Again, I know God is in control, but it gets so lonesome waiting. Love you guys.

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Hi Franny,
I had my scope monday of last week ,it has only been two years since the last one . They removed one rectal polyp (sessile) in fact I woke up during the procedure just in time to watch its removal. I received a call from my gp to make an appointment re. the results . It is the second polyp I have had removed since ca and I was quite concerned but the polyp was totally benign as was the last sessile one that I had .Their concern had been about elevated liver functions from tests that I had at the same time. My liver has been out of whack since I had my gallblader removed last year, so with a bit of luck you will get the same results ,benign,good luck Ron.

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thanks ron, they are checking my liver enzymes as well because I have gallstones and they are wanting to remove my gallbladder, but with all this in the last year, I just dont have the time or the desire to do this right now! Thanks for the good thoughts. It was just scary that they found the one that was 8mm and it was hidden under some tissue. Thanks for letting me know your good results and with the grace of God, I will have the same!

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Hi Franny, Congrats on getting through the prep and proceedure! I have no educated information about the polyps, but you are in my prayers. The waiting must be so hard; hang in there. Judy

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Hiya Fran--mm-----waiting is the worst part of all this crap. I am sure we are all waiting your results. To be sure, Jen and I have got our fingers crossed for you.
I hope that I am able to get these pills you talk about when my colonoscopy time comes around! I have never heard of them in OZ.
Hi to you as well Ron--hope you are doin ok mate.
lotsa luv , kanga n Jen

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Hi Franny,

I'm so glad you got through the procedure, but hate you must worry about the polyps. I pray that they are benign!

Please let us know as soon as you find out. I think they will be fine like Ron's!



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Thanks everyone. Yes as you know waiting is hard, but I keep thinking that on the first one, he told me right away, lady you probably have cancer..no waiting on the path report. So at least this seems like a good sign. But let me tell you guys about these pills. They are called visicol. You start about 5:00 pm after a day of nothing but clear liquids taking 4 every 15 minutes. On the last four (at 6:00) you drink a can of ginger ale. Then you wait three hours and take four more, then 15 minutes later 4 more with ginger ale and after you are done with the bathroom, you take 4 5mg of dulcolax. I woke up about 4:00 in the morning with more bathroom going and that was it. MUCH easier on me since I kept throwing up the colytely and the nutralyte stuff. So definitely ask your drs about this. The only draw back for me was that the pills were not covered under my insurance and that was $45 I had to pay,..but worth it in my book.

I will check back in on Friday and let you know my results. Thanks all and God Bless

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