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Thanks for all the encouragement. The pills are called visicol and you end up with dulcolax. I had a hard time keeping down the colytle and the nutrylite stuff so they thought this might be easier on me. I was just wondering what the effect are going to be like.
I am trying not to be nervous about this, but I know it is normal. I will let all you know what the results are. Thanks for all your encouragement and if anyone has taken these pills, let me know.

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Hi Franny,
Don't worry about it. It's certainly not the most pleasant thing in the world, but believe me you've been thru a
lot worse. It's important that your colon be clean so that the Doc can get a good look at what's going on in there. I've used the
Nulytely, and also the pills. Neither one is pleasant but it's over before you know it. Good luck,...Carl

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I'm going Friday for my annual follow-up colonoscopy too, so at least there's another person out there going through it about the same time as you :D and that be me ;D

We will just sail through this procedure, okay!


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Hi Franny'
Good luck with the scope ,mine has come and gone , they removed one smallish polyp with some discolration of the mucosa so now I have to wait for biopsy results , the GI is confident that it is too small to be of any real concern I actually woke up during the procedure and watched her remove it so at least i do know it is gone ,thinking of you ,Kindest regards Ron.

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hey franny how r u. i have been having trouble with my computer and so have not been on. a colonoscopy is not really that bad at all i have had many as i am sure many people have on here. i pray all goes well for you and hope you have peace. take care


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Well there you are!!! I have emailed you bunches and was worried about you. I am fine, just nervous about the colonscopy and this prep is different so I was nervous about that. Its on Monday, so pray it is clear! How are you, email me when you get a chance and tell me what is happening with you! Love you bunches

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