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Malignant Melanoma Mastasized to Liver

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This is my first time here. Has anyone been treated at Sloan Kettering?
We live in Upstate NY and I just don't feel his best treatment is here. He has recieved one session of Chemo (3 days on 3 weeks off.) Oncologist refused to discuss Stage or Prognosis and feels we may never know if it came from eye or skin. My research indicates treatment is different for each and we need answers fast. So we have an appointment at Sloan next Monday.
He was already weak from the 3 weeks to diagnosis and the Chemo has really weakened him. The onset of this cancer came on so quickly - he was fine on Sept 1st and sick as can be by Sept 17. We are both in our early 50's and both work heavy highway construction. My husband has filed for retirement and I've filed FMLA to be with him constantly.
Any and all advice is welcome.

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I don't know how much I can help you, but here goes...

My father also has late stage melanoma, and no point of origin. He was orginally diagnosed in stage III (large lump in his lymph node) and is now stage IV (when they found tumors in the liver). I believe that late stage melanomas are assumed to be skin type, or possibly the origin is considered less important at that point. In any case, it has not worried my dad's doctors for his treatment.

Short answers, since the melanoma has metastized to the liver, it's stage IV melanoma. The prognosis is not good, and the treatments are not very sucessful. Depending in the type of chemo that your husband is undergoing, the partial success rate is 20-40% (slowing the growth for a while).

I know nothing about Sloan specifically, since we are on the west coast. I would push to find out if surgery is still a possibilty. I would also take a look at clinicaltrials.org, to find out who is doing the research in your area. USC in Los Angeles has strong Melanoma research, there is the northern calif melanoma center, and my dad tried a vaccine treatment offered by the university of virgina (closer to you). I know my dad was really lost in this process until he spoke to people that specialize in melanoma -- his first oncologist said that surgery wasn't important and chemo was -- which is completely untrue for a stage III, with a possibility that the cancer is still localized.

Hope this helps some.

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google medarex mdx010. Might help

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We are going through what appears to be the same. My dad is the one sick. He has never had any signs of skin cancer for the last 10+ yrs as he was checked reg. About 4yrs ago he was told of cancerous tumors and was told that they would constantly monitor them. Never a change until recently. He has been in and out of the Lahey Clinic in Burlington Mass several times since Dec 2009 for high fevers, low blood, nauseau, back pain and feeling constantly tired. On every visit they could not tell us what was wrong until a Dr. other that the 2 that were seeing him suggested that he have an MRI. That is when they told us that the tumors had changed and was diagnosed with non Hodgkins Lymphoma. We started treatment immediately and was told that this is the right treatment for him and is the most cureable form of cancer. As time has gone on he has had another biopsy to see how the treatment is working and that is when they told us that he has melanoma of the liver with all treatment stopping. The doctors also say that there is no cure but just to make him comfortable. We are now heading to Dane Farber in Boston for a further diagnosis. I never had confidence in Lahey and only wish I pushed my family harder to go somewhere else. I am 45yr old male who's inspiration in life is my dad. I have never met a more loving, hard working, devoted father and husband, who is the most honest, caring and compassionate individual I know. My heart is broken and don't know where to turn. Why is it that the good ones are the ones that are hurt the most in life. He desveres better than the best that is offered. I love him with all my heart and don't want to lose him. Please if someone can advise, help, suggest or point us in the right direction. We would greatly appreciate it. Good luck to you and yours.

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