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Emily- Need your regiment!

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Emily if you get a chance can you send me you regiment that Sponge Bob mentioned. I want Bob to keep fighting and I need you help to do that! If possible can you email me with the info. : bsrules@earthlink.net
Thank You!!!!


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Em -

I can't believe that I actually suggested blueberry smoothies to someone... What's next for me? Birkenstock sandals? A cabin in the North Woods? Oh jeez... I hope I don't become a Democrat....

(you'll be getting a bill soon for my marketing services)

- Sponge

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You'll be happy to know Emily isn't a Democrat... Bud

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AMEN brother!

I just logged on and saw this. Have been MIA for the week.

Gosh I miss you guys when I am busy with my "other" life. Have had a houseful of boys all week.

Will be sending that protocol pronto. Now where did SB suggest my regimen, eh?

heehee SB I may just get you juicing yet! :-)

peace, emily who needs a month of Sundays to catch up in here

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I just sent it on your email but if it doesn;t come through (I use a Mac) then I can send it snail mail.

I did use Essiac Tea....among dozens of other things....I could write a book! Haha!

Hope all goes well.

peace, emily who has to try everything anyway (except chemo) at least once! (but I didn't inhale SB....haha)

Posts: 296
Joined: Mar 2004

Sue here, the email didn't send the attachment. Thank You for reply We need all the help we can get right now!! Thank You sorry that you are going to have to send it snail mail. Thanks Sue

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