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Still not feeling well

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Hi all, When will this end? They wanted to put me back in the hospital again, but I begged off. My bottom is stil very sore, my bag is still not working right, my sugar is now elevated for some reason, my blood pressure is low so they took me off one of my pills. It seems it never ends!!!! And I am soooooo tired still. HNow long before I will feel at least half way normal???? Also, what should I be eating and what should I not with this colostomy?? I also go back to the urologist Monday to have the cathether changed and I wish it would start working too. Woe, is me. Having a pity party. Just ignore this, I had to vent. Love ya all. Hope you're all doing well.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Stay tuff grandma, you got a good spirit in there and believ me I feel your pain. remember we're all in this together. Peace and love.


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Hi Judy...SO sorry to hear you are having such a rough time....it must really feel that there is not end to it. This time too will pass and hopefully, one day, not too far from now, you can look back and remember it is a distant bad dream. If I look back over the past year, I want to cry at the memories of what my husband went through. There were such down times that it was hard to imagine it ever ending....but, at least for the time, it has and we can enjoy a "normal" life again. I try to prepare for an uncertain future but for now, I enjoy each day and him to the full.

I do hope things improve for you soon. Hang in there...it is all a test of endurance!!

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Hi Judy---grrrrrrr---grrrrrrrr---Judy, you have been thru such a lot and it seems that this thing is never ending.Your surgery was not only a very major event--yu also have had all those difficulties!Your body has taken the worst this disease can thow at you. I remember not so long ago that you had said there were times were wanted to give up!!!!Hey--yu got thru that and the battle may not be over yet.But I am thinking that if put in perspective you must at least be feeling some improvement compared with when yu were in hospital for so long with that infection.
C'mon sweetie--hang in there--time is going to get you closer each day to normality.
Luv yu lots and still thinking of yah!!!
kanga n Jen ((((((((Judy)))))))

ps--say hi to Stacy for us.

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Judy: have you tried the ostomy sites? IOA -http://www.ostomyinternational.org/forums.htm;
UOA-www.uoa.org There are a lot of helpful folks on these sites, and answers to your diet
questions. Bud

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Hi Judy, I hope you soon feel better. Remember it takes time, sometime longer than others to get you back to normal. I know this last journey I had took me 3 months to get there. I too have a colostomy still learning what to eat and what not to eat. It's almost like trail and error. If you know something that gave you diarrhea or constipation before the colostomy don't eat it. Jose the Cancer Guy gave me the same info. as Nanuk about www.uoa.org I will check it out to nite. Remember stay positive no matter how thing may seem you will get through this.

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Judy -

You go right ahead and vent to us! We're here for you and we love you. Let her rip!

Hang tuff, we're wll keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

- SpongeBob

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Hey Judy,
Hang in there, i know it must be so frustrating that its always one thing after another but this is definatly the place to come when your feeling low. Just remember that things will get easier as time goes on.
Thinking of ya

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Hey Judy,

Hang in there girl. You can fight this dragon. We are all here for you. As the "Sponger" said - let it rip with the "pity party". You deserve it with all you have been through and we have you in our prayers each and every day.

We are all just glad to be hearing from you - it was so long that we didn't hear a word and we were so worried. You just come vent right here - we are glad to have you. Take care of yourself.


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Vent all you want too! You've certainly earned it. I know it hasn't been easy but you are one tough cookie so hang in there....it will get better.


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Judy, Oh man can do i feel for you and your woes. Do what you need to and fight this beast! I keep thinking when it rains , it pours... I have learned though, that no matter how bad ya got it, there is someone out there who's got it worse. Keeps me humble and thankful for the "ups" we do have... My peaves this week are rtivial compared to yours... trying to get FMLA papers signed and returned from hosp to be off with hubby for surgery. called faxed called left messages they lost the papers fax again more calls etc. insurance wont pay for the only med. he can take for his arthritis back and forth between drs and insurance - still not approved had to buy just 1 weeks woth as its too expensive and the drs had no samples noone available to take care of the pets while were away for surgery coworker had a baby early and work has been exhauseting son's church retreat canceled and now have to make arrangement of where to keep him while we're gone... more paperwork.. more phone call.. less sleeep...so tird...red tape....blah blah blah...
so I am sending you a rainbow to lift your spirits. It is always good to hear from you cause it means you're still fighting and winning the war. My prayers are with you. hugs...
Sally Jo :)

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