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Eligard treatments

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I am just winding up my first four months of an Eligard implant and will get the results of my first post implant PSA test tomorrow. My PSA was over 30, Gleason 9 and a biopsis indicated some spread to the lympth nodes, although the CT scan did not detect the spread. So far, I have not seen any references to Eligard therapy as it appears that Lupron and Zoledex appear fairly common. With the exception of hot flashes, I have had no side effects. I also took Casodex for the first three months. Anyone out there have any experiences with Eligard?

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Perhaps you know all this but here's the Eligard web site: http://www.eligard.com/index.asp There's lots of info there.
It apparently is similar in action to Lupron but injected beneath the skin rather than deep muscle.
I beleive a fellow in our support group mentioned his was being placed under the skin on his stomach. He didn't mention any peculiar effects other than hot flashes I beleive.
Good Luck, Benji

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Guess I answered my own question today when I had my first followup visit with my urologist and learned that, since receiving my initial Eligard implant in Apr 04, my PSA level dropped from 30+ to 0.4. I realize those little suckers are still hiding there but at least we got them lassoed for awhile. Doc plans on keeping me on Eligard for the next year or so, depending on my PSA levels. If they continue to remain low, he will probably recommend intermittent hormone treatment. Benji, its my understanding that Zoledex (goserelin) is implanted under the skin around the abdomen while Eligard is implanted in the hip, or if the patient wishes, in the arm. I think the rational for using the Eligard is that it only has to be implanted every four months. I already checked the Eligard website and found it very informative,especially the recommended questions to ask your Doc, which I used today.

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Good luck

Old Salt
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There's a 'button' for that on the main page, on the left side (Add new Forum topic)

You went through a lot and we will try to offer advice and other support.

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