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just curious

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I have noticed a lot of people commenting on their bottom hurting after surgery for rectal cancer. I am assuming that is where the surgical site was? Is it uncommon for my surgery to have been done thru the abdomen? I didn't have any rectal pain after surgery.

Just curious.


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I had surgery through the abdomen also.I had 90% of my colon removed and my small intestines were rerouted as I call it to form my new colon.I am stage 4 colonrectal cancer with tumors now in my liver. Good luck on your recovery.I had no rectal pain at all.

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Hi Barb,

Mine was also done through the abdomen, too. Nice scar from between the bottom of my ribs, to about 3 inches below my belly button. Gotta love them battle wounds!

I didn't have any rectal pain afterwards either.


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I hear you on the battle scars. I call myself Frankenbelly now. Mine is about 11.5 inches long! Starts about an inch above my belly button and stops about an inch before the vaginal opening.

I actually thought it odd to go thru the abdomen, but then what the heck do I know about surgery? :)

Have a great day.


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Hi Barb,
I had an operation called abdominoperineal resection (APR). There are two incision sites: the abdomen (in my case, belly-button to pubis) and perineum. Like many others who had this operation, I found the abdominal incision healed relatively quickly/smoothly (ok ok - not sneezing or laughing that first week or two! or trying to turn over in bed), but the "butt" was uncomfortable for much longer and I know can be more difficult to heal. I'm not sure why some people would have one operation and one another: in my case, the tumour was very low, so that may be why I had the APR

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I only had an abdominal incision also. But I often have pain from my trips to the bathroom. I call it my butt burn. It has been a year since my surgery, but because my anastamosis is so low, I have problems with my BM's. When I have to go it is usu. right away and I have multiple BM's sometimes before I am done. The alternative would be a permanent colostomy. I think that is the pain that was referred to. I am cancer free now, so when I have my butt burn I think of that and it keeps me going.

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Hi, I had an adominperineal resection and a permanent colostomy, so stomach surgery plus butt surgery. I think that is when both are done. My butt hurts much worse than my stomach. It is hard to sit down and I walk funny, I think. I hope it gets better soon because it is getting very tiring. Glad you just had the stomach. Hurry and get well soon. Glad you didn't have this rectal pain. If I can answer any other questions, just ask.
Love and prayers, Judy H.(grandma047)

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