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23 yrs old and Non small cell lung cancer survivor

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I am a 23 yr old Non Small Cell Lung Cancer survivor and its been 1 yr and 3 months cancer free and I wanted to know if there was anyone else my age that has had this cancer at my age.... I was 21 when DX and then surned 22 in the hospital because I had some problems after surgery I know that there are others out there around my age because a 17 yr old with the same "symptoms" but they say they arent but the case was exact was found. and the docs spent alot of time comparing the cases and all..... but I am just lookin for others in my age bracket with this cancer.....


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hi there... this is SHER54 i met you tonight in the chat room. i know i'm not your age, but i have the same thing you do and you helped me so much. i wanted to thank you for talking to me tonight and makeing me have hope when i was down..as far as down can go..thank you

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