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To Grandma047

Galliano Member Posts: 46
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Dear Judy H
You will be in my thoughts and prayers for a very successful surgery tomorrow. I'm sure your nerves must be frazzled, but please try to relax. Everything will be just fine!! We'll be looking forward to reading your success story soon. Best of luck and health to you.


  • Tessyann
    Tessyann Member Posts: 56
    Grandma your in my thoughts too, wishing you the very best..
  • littlejulie
    littlejulie Member Posts: 311
    JUDY!!! BE EXCITED!!! after this surgery there will be no more cancer in you!!! the road to recovery - your on your way! i can't wait for my mothers surgery. you'll be in my thoughts & prayers!

  • vanser
    vanser Member Posts: 100
    Hi Judy --

    I will be keeping you in my thoughts as well - Just to let you know, I mentioned earlier that my mom had the same surgery as you (for a local recurrence) The surgery was a month ago and she looks fantastic !
    (she is up and about in the garden already)

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
    MUGGINS Member Posts: 35
  • KrisS
    KrisS Member Posts: 229
    Judy- My thoughts and prayers are with you also. You sound like someone with a can do attitude, and I am voting that you will be up doing laps around the nurses station in no time!

    Best wishes for a smooth and sucessful surgery.

  • jsabol
    jsabol Member Posts: 1,145
    Hi Judy,
    Can't have too many prayers and good thoughts...I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.
    Hope you are able to relax a bit today, get a good night's sleep then kick some cancer butt tomorrow!!
    Regards and good wishes, take very good care of yourself after surgery. Looking forward to your post op postings!
    Regards and prayers, the other Judy
  • mikew42
    mikew42 Member Posts: 114

    My thoughts and prayers are also with you for a speedy and healthy recovery.

  • sallyjoy
    sallyjoy Member Posts: 102
    Peacful slumber to you you Judy... I know how hard it is to sleep before a big day. You've been in my thoughts and prayers all week. We have not forgotten :) I pray for your quick recovery. Know we will all be watching for follow up news from you. HUGS to you! God Bless and keep you.
    Sally Jo
  • livin
    livin Member Posts: 318
    Best of luck with your surgery tomorrow. God Bless, fight fight never give up no matter what. I know you can do it.
  • taraHK
    taraHK Member Posts: 1,952
    Dear Judy H,

    Thinking of you. I have a good feeling about your surgery. Please write and let us know how you are doing as soon as you feel able to. We are rooting for you!
    Best wishes,