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good news

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Hi everybody
I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. Went to onc yesterday and he says I am stable now that not remission but I'll take it. He has stoppped all chemo for right now and told me to get my strenght back and when I do I can go back to work. The spots he was treating me for have done nothing not bigger or smaller still the same and he seems to think they are scar tissue
and the ct guy who read my scan seems to think als on the ones on my pelvis are scar tissue and this is the first time he has said that, so I don't have to go back until the 29th of march and he is saying we'll see if you need anything else.
My cea was a 7 which because I smoke is good and my white blood count has improved.

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Hey--thats great news Pattie!It must be a relief to hear that some of the spots may be scar tissue.
errrrr?---yu smoke do you?
I have to admit that I do too(1st time I have admitted that on here!)
I sure don't think it is good for us but seeing as my mum died of a brain tumour(and didn't smoke) I believe that my cancer is genetically caused.In any case I told my surgeon I don't smoke thru my ar---!He kinda chuclked at that answer.
Gorn n done it now haven't I!You can bet we are gunna get a stern word from some of our non-smokin friends on here girl!
Anyway-cheers for you Pattie--kanga n Jen

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Colon cancer not good enough for you?
You need lung cancer too?

As long as it's true confession time--I had my first cigarette at the ripe old age of five. It was also my last. My mother rolled her own unfiltered cigs on a machine to save money and asked my older brother to help. Big mistake. He supplied all his friends with contraband using me as a mule.

One day we holed up in a hollowed out tree trunk at the edge of our property. He let me have a few puffs of Player's tobacco and I got dizzy--mostly a contact high. We headed down to the lake shore to mess around (something else we were not supposed to do) and heard a fire engine. We had to check it out and followed the sound back to our house. All the trees around our secret place were in flames. They needed help from the next town to douse the blaze. It was in the newspaper and on the radio. Arson was suspected.

My brother and I never did 'fess up but he was taken off the production line and lost a few friends.

Aspaysia, whose mother has ESP.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! I love good news and have to respond. (No comment on smoking issue)... SMILE and keep up the good work.

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Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS! The news is awesome. Enjoy the break!

Lots of love,

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Great to hear - and a reminder that cancer will soon just be another chronic disease that we can live with.

Smoking? Disgusting habit - but then some of the disgusting things in life are the most fun...

I suppose I should be lectured for eating too much red meat and chocolate (not together).

Anonymous user (not verified)

Great news Pattie...I'm thrilled. I too just love reading good news and have to respond.

Smoking....ah heck, I smoked for almost 20 years, quit once I did, and went back after 9 years of not smoking . Quit again and hopefully this time I'm off smokes for good...it's been a few years again. Sure do miss those "suckers" sometimes though.

Anyway, again I am so happy for you and will continue sending good vibes your way. I agree with another poster...if we can't find a cure in the near future, let's at least hope for treating cancer as a chronic disease.


Keep up

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Smoker, eh? Disgusting, smelly habit, and boy do I miss it!!


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Pattie -

WHHOOOOO HOOOO! Great news, girlfriend! Could a PET scan confirm that those are scar tissue? Just a thought...

As for you and Kanga smoking... SHAME ON YOU! That's a terrible habit that is bad for your health!

Well, gotta go get drunk now!

- SB

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Hi Pattie,
That is good news! Stable sounds like a great place to be, particularly after all you've been through.
As an ex-smoker, I can sypathize with the need....maybe next step is to kick that habit??? What, don't need another challenge just yet?
Hang in there; good luck on the 29th. Judy

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Smoke? depends on what's between the papers ya know? I surely won't lecture (ok everyone don't faint here) since I despise hypocrisy...as in we ALL have our own vices that are not healthy.

Ok you know what pisses me off to no end as long as we are confessing here....when church folks turn their noses up to folks who smoke and then bring jello molds to the church potlucks. Absolutely grinds me goat!

Aspaysia did you hang out behind the barn playing mumbly peg too? Was that you with my cousins and me?

So toast to you pattieb and let's just believe all that scar tissue will stay just scar tissue!

peace, emily who thinks "it" should be legal for medicinal purposes......oh oh here come the feds!

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I couldn't stop laughing by the contents of the majority of your replies to this message!

Keep up the good work!


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