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All those with stage 4!

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Hi guys,

I'm seeing my oncologist tomorrow to discuss the possibility of changing protocols. Wanted to have a description of other stage 4 treatment to have an idea of what's out there - I think the doctor is entertaining the idea of 5FU fanny pack. Presently, I'm on a 3 week cycle doing 135mg/m2 of oxaliplatin drip once every three weeks. For the two weeks following the oxaliplatin, I'm taking 3000mg of Xeloda daily. I then take a week off. If you guys could delineate some of your protocols it would be awesome. I have an idea of some (Bert, Nanuk, ect. ) but would like some others. Thanks!


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Andreae: My husband Hunt was dx stage 4 one year ago today. He was first treated with 18 treatments of 5FU and Campostar. He had mets to the liver with 17 out of 18 lymph nodes dieased. The larger tumor in his colon was removed by surgery. He was clear for 45 days and than his CEA count went up and spots returned to his liver. If oxaliplatin was available in March 2003, our onc. would have start him on it. She says that is the first line of treatment now. So now he is on 6 treatments of oxaliplatin and 5fu for 55 continuous hours every 11 days. His last treatment will be next week and than he will be scanned. Keep me updated on your progress. I will be praying for you. Need to sign off, getting company. Stay strong. Schoolgirl

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hope you had a good visit with onc dr. Sorry this is late. My hubby is stage IV dx Sept 2003.His primary cancer was removed with surgery but had spread to liver and lung and 6 of 14 nodes. He was on the same protocol as you and after 6 treatments his cancer in liver had shrunk to 1.5cm from 5. His onc dr. changed him to the 3000 mg of Xeloda in the am and same in the pm. Took him off oxaliplatin completely. He does 3 more and then a cat scan to see how that is working. He has had no side effects what so ever from the xeloda by itself. His doc also mentioned the fanny pack but hubby decided the xeloda is what he wanted to try. Hope all goes well for you. As I always say this is such a wonderful place to come and learn and share and vent. THanks and Good luck. Let us know.

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I am not right. I said 3000 am and pm and that is not correct it is 3000 for the entire day. 1500 am and 1500 pm.. geeze sorry. Never could add!!

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Hi Andrea-I'm recurrent rectal cancer w/mets to lungs, and on Folfox 6 (French, I think..consists of Leucorovin, Oxaliplatin, 5FU IV bi-weekly with 46 hr fanny pack. Also Hydration pack last time.
Dose would vary w/your weight and other factors. Do u have a port? It might be necessary with the fanny pack..I dunno if they can hook them up IV-? bud

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Andreae, I had the folfox IV for three hours every three weeks followed by two weeks of Xeloda for recurrent rectal ca.

I had been hooked up to a fanny pack of 5FU with daily radiation to shrink the initial tumour before surgery. They put in a PICC line for the six week treatment. It was a permanent tether to the pack and I needed a nurse to come in and flush the line and change the cartridge once a week. It was a drag taking showers but I managed. I was glad when they freed me of my burden.

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Hi Andrea:

Ditto Bud's treatment...that's Bert's as well except his is for stage III with node involvement (4 out of 7). Seems to be doing just fine...he was clean after 5fu/leuc only for four months...than big scare back in January...but all the latest test show NED...just that continued slightly elevated CEA.

Keep up those good check ups. Remember, my motto with you is I don't want to hear any bad news from you at all :-)

Hugs and lot's of love,

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