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Glad that I am not alone

Posts: 27
Joined: Mar 2003

I came to this board in August. When I came here I felt so alone and did not know if I should feel the way I do. It is still hard to deal with and it is four years later. I know that each person that I read about has the same feelings as I do. A lot of people feel that Thyroid Cancer is not a threat as it is considered most treatable. It is still Cancer and you are never the same after this. Here people understand and listen as they have experienced the same feeling, treatment. surgery and healing. Thank you to all the people that help make our days better. Cindy

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Joined: Jan 2004

This is my first time in this chat room. I was very scared when I was dianosed three years ago. I still have cancer. The radiatin has not worked. It has spread to my lungs, my digestive tract, and I had to have spinal surgery. I came within a week of being completely paralized. I fired my last oncologist and am waiting to be seen by a new one.
my last doctor would not tell me anything. He didn't beleive I was in pain. He just kept me in the dark. I know I am not alone either. Don't let your Dr.s' treat your condition like it's nothing. No one talks about thyroid cancer but it is more statisically then breat cancer. Entire families get thyroid cancer. No one talks about it. I am writing to the Oprah show
that people will be made aware of this disease. Maybe we will get the funding for research that the so-call "big" cancers get. Everyone hang in there.

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Joined: Mar 2004

I'm gald i'm not alone either Cindy, it's been 2 years since my surgery and i still feel the worries and weights on my shoulders. althought thyroid cancer is the most treatable, it's still cancer, the thought of saying that i have had cancer still is the scariest thing i have yet to encounter in my life. keep smiling, life is beautiful :-)

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